AirBoom 负离子能量片 (Product Patent No: 200930168874-8)

With nano energy level more than 6000 CPM & negative Ions of 3500, AirBoom will immediately change the AIR and WATER molecules in split second.

Function Principle:
Air-Boom super power elements is catalyzed by making use of natural energy, when the photon was activated by the spontaneity lights which from the atomic nucleons, the elements was electro-analysis, so that making molecules more existing and slighting. Then that caused photoelectric effect to change the frame of Ion. Today, it was wildly used in many industries. And this technology was significant when we used it with our cars.

Product Feature:
In the subtropical and marine climate, the wet air would be caused incomplete firing; the sticky of gasoline was lightly, so that should be made a high burning temperature of the car engine.

Air-Boom energy chip can make the air elements get more existing and slighting, and then transferred air into times-hydrogen to get into the air filter, and it can improve the engine’s burning combustion. In addition, the adequate of hydrogen and oxygen can help refill the vacuity filling getting more acutely. Gasoline and air have a perfect corporation between each other, through the faster mixed both of them, which reduced the temperature of the engine power, and improved the working efficiency. Therefore, engine found the power back again which lost before. It is a smooth operation when you just stepped the throttle lightly.

This technology protected the engine far away from the wastage, extension the life of engine. The most important is, that would be save much more money which ever been spent on gasoline and maintenance.
Easy to do DIY installation, No modification of the origin design.
To reduce the NOX & CO emissions and save fuel consumption.
To increase in torque and horsepower and reduce the engine carbon deposition.
The engine become more powerful, smooth and stable.
Better acceleration especially for climbing and overtaking.
0-100km RPM acceleration respond is much faster than the original.
Increase in torque and horsepower to enhance middle stage speed up more powerful.


Installation Guide 安装指示  
Before Installation
1. Please remove the air filter.
2. Place the Airboom onto inner flat surface.
    (this might varies from different model)
After Installation
1. Replace the air filter to the original position.
2. Installation completed.

Emission Test  废气排出测验
Airboom reduce C0, Hz, C02 & increased o2 Lambda, AFR.

Environmentally Friendly


DynoTest on Horse Power 马力输出测验

Red - Without Air-boom
Blue -
With Air-Boom
Green -
With Two Air-Boom

Air-Boom Tested on Toyota Vois, proven air flow increase 10% from 2.25 to 2.48 gm/s
Before 2.25 gm/s After 2.48 gm/s
Describtion Before AirBoom After AirBoom Result
Injector 2.9 ms 3.2 ms 0.3 ms
1 GN Advance 5.5 º 5.0 º 0.5 º
1 AC Duty Ratio 41.1% 42.6% 1.5%
Calculat.Load Value 21.7% 23.3% 1.6%
Mass Air Flow 2.25 gm/s

2.48 gm/s

0.23 gm/s
Engine Speed 710.0 rpm 700.7 rpm 9.3 rpm
Coolant Temp 83 º C 83 º C NIL
Intake Air 56 º C 53 º C 3 º C

Korea Far Infrared Association
Certificate of Testing Result



Water purifier

Plants Computer monitor
Television Water heater Wine
Refrigerator Water container Aquarium
Cup/glass Drinking water Office drinking water


Blood condition has been improved after 15 minutes
drinking Airboom Energy Water

Before Drinking Airboom Energy Water


After Drinking Airboom Energy Water

 Video Aura / Cakra


The STATE OF MINDBODY GRAPH displays your overall mindbody condition. If you are in a relaxed, harmonious state the green bar will be HIGH-UP. A tense, stressed MindBody will show if the green bar is LOW.


The left, blue bar of the RELAXATION-STRESS GRAPH shows the environment and is used as a baseline.  The middle, green bar  shows your RELAXATION - STRESS LEVEL. The cyan, right bar shows the difference between the environment and your relaxation level. Low values indicate STRESS - low temperature, low circulation and/or low physical energies. High values indicate RELAXATION  -  high body temperature, high circulation and/or high physical activity.


Airboom Increase Body Chakra Energy From 50 to 80



AirBoom Pai Da Detox

Part 3 Mr. Edi now can run
The Power of Balancing Airboom
The Power Energy of Airboom
Airboom Work for 3 Years Stroke
Miracle !9 years Stroke
Air-Boom - Test Energy
Air-Boom - Tangan Memanjang
Air-Boom - Tangan Mulai Bisa Angkat
Kekuatan Air-Boom

Ion AirBoom Testimonial - Angkat Pak Gendut

Last night, I was coming down with stomach discomfort and nausea feeling. Whenever I have such feeliing, I usually vomit. I thought of the airboom which I purchased from you last week, and I quickly and placed 2 airbooms on my stomach (beneath underwear) before I went to sleep. My stomach discomfort went off and I no longer felt nauseated. I continued to wear place the 2 airbooms on my stomach the whole day.From: Kelly (Petaling Jaya)
还有一个顾客昨晚告诉我,喝了能量搅棒(Stirrer)的水一星期后,发现月经来时不再疼痛。在旁听着的另一个却说,她用了氧丰 (AirBoom)放在水杯里喝了一个星期。那个星期感觉很辛苦,整身无力,很爱睡觉(其实那是一种体内排毒的反应和现象)。不过,一星期后她开始恢复体力,而且发现自己的精神也比较充沛。最令她惊讶的是,接近三十的她,在刚称量中发现:她体内新陈代谢的指数竟然由以前的四十多岁的变成二十二岁,高兴得很!能量水竟然能够在两个星期内使她的体质变成更加年轻,真是难以想象!我每次都跟我的顾客讲,要喝足够的能量水才能发挥全面的排毒和活化细胞,而达致治疗和保健的功效。那就是把他的体重除20后,所得到的答案是他必须要喝的公升能量水了,例如 60公斤(kgs) / 20 = 3 公升(litres)。希望我的分享能使更多的人得到健康。祝安康,
David Lau K H(MY00076)
我先生因为生意上的关系,必须经常驾长途车,总觉得很累、困、倦、腰酸背痛,他不想再驾下去了,因在驾车当中疲倦的话,往往会有意想不到的事情发生。身为太太的我在他的生意上帮不上忙,也很当心他的情况,我能做的就是把健康带给他,我口中的健康便是AIR-BOOM,它有奇妙的负离子在其中,他用了之后,几乎感觉不到累,也不会疲倦,因为负离子可以解除疲劳,舒缓神经。他说会把它继续带在身上,永不卸下,陪他走每一个行程。再来就是我母亲,她已经是七十多岁了,她有轻微的眼膜,而且还有红血丝,我把AIR-BOOM蒸在水里,用那个水让我母亲洗眼睛,洗了几次之后感觉到有些清晰了,而且红血丝也消失了。Eric (Selangor)
Saya Hjh Norbayah Yambang ingin berkongsi hasil penggunaan air-boom.Pada 23hb April yg lalu saya telah diperkenalkan airboom oleh seorang kawan iaitu Mohd Danial dari Tawau. Saya menggunakan airboom untuk kepala suami saya yang botak dipertengahan dan belakang kepala.Dia hanya menggunakan 2 kali sehari semasa mandi sahaja. Dalam masa 2 minggu rambut di kepala suami telah tumbuh dan warna rambut tersebut menjadi hitam. Suami saya telah banyak menggunakan prodak dari yg tdk berjenama sehingga berjenama namun tidak menampakkan hasil sedikit pun. Syukur alhamdulillah, setelah yakin menggunakan air boom ahkirnya membuahkan hasil yang lumayan bukan sahaja rambut tumbuh berwarna hitam namun isi dompet juga bertambah tebal.Terima kasih air boom
My18768 ( Hjh Norbayah Yambang ) Tawau.
我今年74岁,双脚时常麻痹和无力也不能弯腰,必须依靠拐杖行走。经过親戚的介绍,只把Air-Boom带上一夜,隔天便不须依赖拐杖行走。如今用了两个星期,麻痹渐渐减少,身体也比以前更有力。谢谢Air-Boom。槟城 Sri Nibong,徐女士
My fridge was not function well for 1 year, so I was considering to get a new fridge,but I give a try with the air boom 1pc in the fridge for 2 weeks then the fridge condition improved with the things in the fridge lasted longer and fresh especially the vegetables and fruits. Thank you for the invention of the air boom.From: Mrs Tan (Petaling Jaya)
I was having back pain for many years. I could not even bend my back to do house works. My sister introduced AirBoom to me recently. I placed it on my back for 48 hours, after that I could bend my back to sweep the floor. Many thanks to Air-Boom and I will recommend it to my friends who need it !Madam Loke (Penang)
Selama 20 tahun hampir setiap bangun tidur saya ( Julias Nilam, 40 tahun, Pontianak, 08125702xxx) merasa sakit dan ngilu pada bagian pinggang dan tulang ekor. Dan bila penyakit kumat, anggota tubuh dari pinggang sampai kaki tidak bisa digerakkan (seperti lumpuh). Saya sudah berobat kemana-mana : dari sinshe hingga dokter spesialis syaraf dan tulang ternama dan terakhir Feb 2010 saya berobat ke Malaysia namun semua hasil pemeriksaan lab, rontgen, MRI (terlampir) normal. Tidak ada tulang maupun otot yang cedera/terjepit. Saya hanya diberi vitamin saja.
Seminggu setelah pulang dari Malaysia, saya disarankan oleh kakak untuk mencoba AirBoom. Awalnya saya kurang yakin apa mungkin karet silicon seharga Rp. 540.000,- ini mampu mengurangi rasa sakit, sementara obat yang harganya lebih mahal saja selama ini tidak mampu. Namun akhirnya saya putuskan untuk mencobanya saja. Saya menempelkan AirBoom pada pinggang (bagian tulang ekor) sepanjang hari.
Pada awal Maret 2010 (sekitar 2 minggu setelah pemakaian AirBoom), saya sudah tidak merasa sakit lagi. Saya kira ini sugesti saja, tetapi setelah 1 minggu kemudian (hingga sekarang) rasa sakitnya betul-betul sudah tidak ada lagi/hilang, saya baru yakin Tuhan telah menyembuhkan saya melalui AirBoom. Terimah kasih AirBoom.
我是Ting Leng Kieh, 我以前晚上迟冲凉就会腰酸背痛,或手臂疼痛,手无法举起来,经过我的太太鼓励,我把Airboom绑在腰间,现在这些问题完全的解决了,就是晚上12点冲凉,也没有问题,只要绑上Airboom,睡一晚起来,精神饱满,身体都不会酸痛,我的健康大大改善了!我真的衷心感谢Airboom.
Ting Leng Kieh
Dear Sir/Madam
I was invite by my sister in law to attend my hometown seminar(sibu) organized by AirBoom on last month (march 2010). After the seminar, my sister in law borrow me a piece of ‘AirBoom’ & said that it will reduce my back pain. I wasn’t believe at that moment. But after I have a try the AirBoom for a week, it obviously reduce so much of my back pain. Until now I still using it. Besides that, I also order 3 pieces for my husband & sons.
Thanks to AirBoom
Hii Siu Ping
I have been suffering from backpain problem for more than 3 years whereby my doctor has diagnosed it as degenerative disc disease and my nerves being compressed thus I could not sit, walk or stand for long period as pain starts coming and I have to rest and take pain killers (NSAID) to relief my pain. Last week, I was introduced to Air Boom by Mr Solomon and since I've tried all sorts of method and products with no improvement and with no less amount of money and energy, so I gave it a try and to my surprise, my backpain has subside and I'm happy to say that this is a very wonderful product that everyone should have to relief their backpain problems as it doesn't cost much and we don't have to consume anything which can be very damaging to our body and health in the long term. Thank you...
Hi, I use to have back pain problem but after start using airboom on may 2009, it have solve my back pain problem now every night I will put 2 airboom on my back pain. One of my friends use to have stiff shoulder when he got out of bed, he took my advice and purchase 2 airboom from my uncle living in Sabah, he try putting the 2 airboom on his 2 shoulder before he went to bed and the next morning he was so happy that morning at work and told me that he don't have stiff shoulder problem that day and from that day onwards he will use the 2 airboom whenever he went to bed or bring it along in his pocket whenever he goes.
Hi, I'm from Singapore, I've Migraine problem, sometime the pain is so worse that made me feel giddiness and vomit. After I start using air-boom, it solve my problem, whenever I had migraine I will put the air-boom on my forehead and within a few mins the pain will stop. I also notice that after using airboom for a few months on my my migraine and using airboom on charging my drinking water, my Migraine have turn better. As last time I use to have Migraine very often about 4 times a week but now I notice that I only have migraine once or twice a month! Thanks to AirBoom It's really helps.
Elaine Teo
saya pengidap lemah jantung.Kadangkala saya terkejut dan jatuh pengsan dan juga sakit kejang kaki.pada suatu hari saya di perkenalkan oleh rakan niaga encik Roslan ombok tentang keajaipan PRODUK AIRBOOM ENERGY.saya pun mula mengunanya dalam masa seminggu saya merasakan jantung saya semakin kuat.dan memakainya setiap hari,kejang di tangan dan kaki saya mula beransur pulih.Saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih kepada syarikat kerana mengeluarkan produk Airboom ini.
我现在是两个小孩的母亲, 自从生了大儿子我就常常腰酸背痛。 五年后再生小女孩时, 佣人因家里发生事故而要回家乡。 因此我必须自己做家务, 两只手更是开始酸痛。 朋友介绍之下我开始用 Air-Boom 产品。 两条 Twister 每晚挷在手腕睡觉。 这帮助我减了手痛的烦恼, 一片 Air-Boom 放在下背骨, 腰酸背痛也因此不再有了。 有一天, 我的美容伙伴与我分享这 Air-Boom 能减肥, 只须把两片 Air-Boom 放在肚腩!对于刚刚生产了四个月的我, 不考虑就立刻行动。 当两三个星期后我还没见有什么效果时, 奇妙的是这些年来(从我少女到现在生产后)我每个月来月经都会肚子痛和腰背酸痛, 特别在首一两天; 但因想减肥就放了 Air-Boom, 现在没有感觉肚子痛和腰背酸痛了。 感谢上帝, 让我找到拿么好的产品 Air-Boom!Christina
前几天买了一些榴莲回家,因为一时吃不完就只好塞进冰箱内。结果弄得整个冰箱都是榴莲味,有时打开冰箱就会觉得有点恶心。于是便以试试看的心理,在冰箱内放了一片airboom。隔天在打开冰箱,那味道真的消失了。原来airboom真能除臭叻!!!Amy SIBU
这是我使用 AirBoom 几个月的发现和分享。虽然每天都有喝大量的水,但是偶尔还是会面对排泄不良的情况,肚子很是不舒服。如果当天有这个问题,晚上睡觉时,我就会把一片AirBoom Nano Energy 放在小腹(用裤子压住)。经过一个晚上,隔天就会“通常无阻”;因此 AirBoom 对于便秘是有一定帮助的。感谢 AirBoom。
L.S / Masai / 06.11.2009
我的老公在几年前患上了神经衰弱症,导致时常总是失眠。第二天便因着失眠而头昏眼花,无法集中精神工作。试过了许多方法,但是还是总是失眠。听说 air boom 能治失眠症,于是我便偷偷放了一片 air boom 放入他的枕头内。结果有一天他问我,到底在他的枕头下放了什么?使他无法入睡。经过别人的建议后,我又偷偷地放了三片 air boom 在他的枕头下,结果他一觉到天明。几天后,我才告诉他实情,他才惊觉的说效果真的不错叻!!!hee SIBU
前几天晚上,爸爸突然觉得右手掌麻痹与感觉疼痛,于是便放了一片airboom在右手掌上和用 twister thin pack卷在手指之间。隔天,经过医生证实爸爸已有中风的现象,而且心脏血管也阻塞了。所以便将 airboom放在靠近胸口的衣袋,晚上睡觉更将 airboom放在枕头下以靠近后颈。五天后的今天,爸爸的右手已不再疼痛了。但愿不久之后,医生能证实(中风)已远离爸爸了! 太好了!Amy!!sibu
我是KEE LUNG ,两个星期前我的外甥介绍了一片AIRBOOM给我,我为了应酬她跟她买了一片。而我本身就有肝的问题,肝火大、脾气不好。后来他告诉我说只要把它放在身上就会有能力,不知是否是心理作用我带在身上用了一个星期后我发现我的人平静了许多。。现在,我不再象以前那么会发脾气了。希望这神奇的产品能帮助更多的人
血液循环不佳一直都是我的问题,尤其这三个月来更为严重!每天早上起床时,我的手脚都很麻。后来,我女儿给了我一片AIRBOOM叫我睡觉时放在脚底。我照着她说的方法做,结果我整身感觉麻麻的,我很害怕,我打算把它拿下来,但是我女儿说AIRBOOM 帮助血液循环!!她说手脚会麻都是因为血液循环得不够快才会引起的。结果,我放了几天后我整身感觉轻松多了。。现在我每天都用它。谢谢AIRBOOM。陈连珠
I always no sleeping good due to working late, sometime until midnight. Since last month my friend introduce Air-boom to me. I used to put Air-boom on my chest while sleeping, next day I feel fresh & full of energy. Then I continue using it for next 2 weeks & feel really help on my sleeping problem. I think I will no stopping to use it. Thanks to Air-Boom
Adeline Wong
Recently the weather had become very dry and hazy and the air quality was bad. My son was so often sick because the poor air had caused him to develop nasal allergy. Every his nose was runny and blocked with mucus. Doctor's medication offered relief but he had to rely on medication more and more. Then I got to know about airboom from my colleague and he said water soaked in airboom can help fight illnesses and asked me to try. My son took the water for few days and I could see improvements in his condition and he need not take medicine anymore.
From David Ting
sarawak, kitty
I am a mother of 3 kids. Recently, my oldest daughter had knocked onto the edge of a door while she was playing. The incident caused her face to swell and the lump simply got bigger by night. I was so startled by it and started to seek for medical attention. Luckily my mother in law advised me to place the airboom on her face at night and the following day the swell was gone. Thanks to airboom
from: jeslovic
Last two week my daughter friends introduce me airboom product. She said it will help to relieve pain on our body. Without hesistate I bought a piece of airboom & nano twister. On one day, after I lift some heavily stuff my hand have a great pain, I can't sleep good that night. Finally i remember about a nano twister, i put it on my hand, after the next morning i feel no pain on my hand anymore. That's cool ! Thanks airboom.
From, Madam Ting
Best Stuff Ever - Worth Of Money, Thanks to my best friend Mr Suffian who gave me such an unique present for my wedding ceremony. My first respond to Air-Boom is that it is only an ordinary rubber with technology which does give a little help in cutting down radiation; like many other products. I am wrong until I really tested it on my car 2 weeks ago, that I couldn’t stop sharing this great item to my customers and friends. It really save petrol and increasing the car power. Many people agreed that the new introduced formulation fuel (the only petrol available now) give less power to their car and thanks to Air-Boom which come in as a solution at this right timing. Try it and you love it.
Best Regards, Winston Chung
Im truly in love with this products. For me, Air-boom is a piece of rubber but miraclely it does help me a lot. Since my very first time auntie visit, my stomach cramp and i really really suffering a great pain. Every month when my auntie visit, i have to take leave from school, i can't do anyhing accept hugging my stomach and cry. Untill last two month i received a piece of rubber which is Air-boom from my sister-in-law and she advice me to put it on my stomach when auntie-visit. It does reduce the pain and i can do my works like as usual.
25 years old, carine lau from Sarawak.
本人Lu Ping Ping因两个月前的一起意外跌断了右脚。开刀治疗后坐在轮椅在家休养了两个月。。。休养期过后终于可以起身走路了,但是右脚走路时始终会痛及会肿,医生说必须花大概半年至一年才能完全康复。后来,经朋友介绍airboom后每天把它放在脚底,奇迹发生了,我的脚竟然不痛了。。现在虽然走路有些怪异,但我深信这情况很快就会改善了。现在我把airboom介绍给我的朋友们,希望很快也可以在他们身上看到见证
I have constipation problem since at young age,one day my sister introduce me a piece of airboom and she said it might help me to solve my problem. So I try it on my water consume. It really amazing, after i try for few days, my constipation problem start reduce and my problem is solve.Thanks Air-Boom.
Regards, Andrew Wong
I having a fever for 2 days, on the 3rd day i have been introduced by my sister in law a piece of airboom, she borrowed it to me. On that night i put the air boom at my forehead. I feel that my fever is cool down. At the next morning, i feel much more better and no fever anymore. Thank air boom.
From, Yuki Chung
我脸上的皮肤问题已经有十多年了。还常到美容院洗脸使自己的脸美丽起来,却不知原来问题是缺乏喝水!两三天后脱皮的问题还是回来。使我很烦恼。其实开始时,我是半信半疑的。后来了解多了,也看了很多人用了AIRBOOM之后写的见证和看了一本关于水的好书(正确喝出好水的能量),了解到当人体缺乏足够的水分时,皮肤就会脱水。当人体长时间缺乏足够的水分时,血液就会浓稠起来,血液循环就会缓慢,皮肤就会脱水。因为当人体缺乏水分时,人体里就会调节水分给重要的器官以维持生命。以前不懂得水对人体很重要,所以常常喝水不多,长时间缺乏足够的水分导致脸上皮肤严重脱水,而自己却不知道。能量水(NanoStirrer)我喝了大约两三个星期(每天约3.5litle),我脸上的皮肤看上去已容光焕发。这使我更了解到水对人体是非常重要。如今我每天都喝大量的能量水。喝能量水配合AIR BOOM效果会更好。谢谢AIR BOOM 自然疗法。Steve
Sie Ing Mee
我是来自台湾的林镰鉎,在汶莱居住有40多年,在3年前曾患过轻微的中风,有三天不能正常行动,从中央医院移到遮鲁东专科医院,才逐渐好转。但我在吃医生开的处方药时,右手掌心常常感到麻痹,时不时的要甩动我的右手掌。从我认识air-Boom,改善了我的右手掌,还带着许多好处,让我一一叙述。我在睡觉多的时候常常发出很大的鼻鼾声,自从我把一片air-Boom搁在胸口。有天我与我的PG去KL,当天晚上我与他同房间,突然发现我没有了鼻鼾声,感到很惊奇,听到了我的细述,他也成了我的下线。再来,air-Boom会给我们负离子,能量,远红外线。我放一片air-Boom在冷气房,一片在车里的air-filter,一条twister在进汽油有的汽油管,它真的有替我省了许多燃油。我还放了一片在水通好方便洗澡。刷牙,洗脸都用这个水。air-Boom的好处真的很多,只有用过他的人才能体会到。在这里我要谢谢Mr.Soon,David Cheng 文進,Anna介绍这么好的东西给我。物有所值,air-Boom真的太神奇了!!我很高兴能够拥有它!! 汶莱:林镰鉎
我患有脚底疼痛一年多了,看了很多次医生,按摩院也去了很多次。但只能暂时性的缓解疼痛。有一天,我姐姐把一片橡胶交给我,叫我睡觉的时候用袜子套住这片air-Boom,而且白天上班时候放在鞋子里。过了两个星期后,我的疼痛没有了,而且可以整日站立,都不会痛。姐姐看到我的疼痛好了,她也对这个产品更加有信心。我也和朋友们分享这个产品。谢谢air-Boom!! 汶莱:Wong Ai Chin
我的孙男,今年3岁,突然有一天,发高烧,整天躺在床上,不吃不喝,一直吵吵闹闹,刚开始不知道如何缓解他的症状,突然我想到了air-Boom,即刻拿了片air-Boom放在他的额头上,差不多半个小时后,我孙男的脸上都是汗水,air-Boom片上也都是汗水,帮他擦干汗水后,继续给他贴air-Boom。尤其现在正在流行H1N1,多么担心了他是患上了这个疾病。本来想带他去看医生,哪知道用了air-Boom这神奇的东西,结果不需要打针吃药。第二天,他就可以以蹦蹦跳跳的,还可以接他妈妈下班。air-Boom这个神奇的产品真的让我受益很多,谢谢air-Boom救了我的孙男,解除了他的痛楚。 汶莱:陈文進
For first, i am skepticle a bout this product. Air boom? Nano technology? and i try alot of fuel saver product. Using electrical device magnet, additives and so on. But need a maintenance. It start when my friend lent me this airboom. He want me to try before i judge this product. the installation? Only paste on the intake? Is this thing really works like that? then i try run a few kilometers. And then try bumpy road. And you know what? I can feel the differences. More power during climb a hill. Saving more fuel than i expected.Take aside all the torque/energy and the technical spec, i felt the differences right away after i install the thing. this thing really works.Would like to add more than 2 for better power soon.
Lathiif, Malaysia
我的女儿今年上小学了,在她很小的时候患上了哮喘,长期的肺部疾病导致女儿的皮肤变得很糟糕,又干又痒,每次洗完澡都要擦很多Lotion来保湿,并且大马天气又热,每次出汗后皮肤都会很痒。偶然,有一次,在我练瑜伽的地方有人介绍air -Boom,我听到了许多真人真事,了解到air-Boom可以治疗很多疾病和好处,便买了Nano-Twister回家给绕在浴室洗澡喷头上,之后女儿便用这个处理过的水来洗澡,使用了两天,女儿的皮肤变得不再那么干燥, 对改善皮肤很有效果!真得好神奇!我们家现在会使用air-Boom 的每一样产品.我有次练瑜伽不小心把胳膊扭伤了,疼痛不止,连穿衣服都会痛到。我便拿了一片air-Boom贴在肩膀处,第二天,就不那么痛了.air--Boom真的是帮了我们家解决了很多烦恼,是我的家人都健健康康的,十分感谢air--Boom!!
Ah Keng: 吉隆坡
我是一名家庭主妇,长期在家。每天在家打扫房间,洗衣,做饭。照顾丈夫,孩子。对自己的身体不是很在意。慢慢的我发现我的脚底开始疼痛,痛到后来不能长久站立,只能坐下或者躺在床上。家人陪我去看医生,前前后后因脚底痛去看了4次医生,其中有两位医生说我的脚生了骨刺,并且给我开了很多药膏和口服药,吃过之后脚痛有所好转,可是过了一段时间,疼痛又复发了。偶然有次机会,朋友(Irene Loh)给我拿了一片air-Boom让我试试看,我便把air-Boom放在袜子中,大概过了30分钟,我便感觉脚底很热,很舒服,我便一直使用air-Boom。一个星期后,我可以长时间站立了,不到两个星期我便可以与家人出去散步了。我非常感谢air-Boom,air-Boom真的很实用,很有效!真心希望每个人都使用air-Boom! 阿爱: 吉隆坡
我是一名工程测绘员,长期在外奔波,外界环境卫生条件又差,导致我不甚得了妇科病。这个病让人很是烦恼,下体有异味,内裤上还会有不良分泌物。工作压力使我的心情变得很差,很烦躁,病情更加严重,去看医生开了很多药,并且都很贵,要RM10一粒,有时工作忙,忘记吃药,病情就会复发。对老公的态度也时好时坏,是老公很受委屈,很对不起老公!有一天晚上回到家,老公给我买了5片air-Boom,告诉我air-Boom可以治疗我的妇科病,我便试试看的把air--Boom放在内裤里侧,贴在小腹上,过了4天左右,我下半身的异味淡了许多,白带的颜色变得正常,量也少了许多。真的好喜欢air-Boom这个产品!十分感谢air-Boom解决了我2年多的烦恼,air-Boom真的很有效啊!!!! Steve: 吉隆坡
我,(家浩)全家自从使用后,都很信赖 air boom, 也很高兴能在此和大家分享我们的经历。我是个很固执的人,从未信任神奇古怪的东西。记得从刚开始妈妈尝试 air boom 之后,我都很反对,因为怕她被骗。我在一次的大病之下,我的高烧因天气变化受影响,变得更严重,因为工作关系,才无奈的尝试 air boom 这产品。隔天发现再服食药物无效之下,高烧已退,才慢慢地开始相信 air boom 这产品。现在凡有任何病痛,我都会第一时间想到它,甚至介绍给根多人懂 air boom 这产品。谢谢 air boom 带来给大家的健康。Fong Kal Hao: 吉隆坡
我是一位在巴刹卖豆腐阿婶,自从手术开刀生了3个小孩后, 造成了脊椎骨后遗症的病痛,也影响了我在每天开裆的时候, 脊椎骨就像被针刺到,痛得无法站立一整天.有天,我朋友周秀 襄女士介绍我使用\'Air Boom 和 Ion Stirrer\'.尝试后,才慢慢感 觉到脊椎骨没像之前那么的刺痛,慢慢康复中.真的很感谢 \'Air Boom 和 Ion Stirrer\'这产品,使我再也没这烦恼了.周秀襄: 吉隆坡
Saya Sahrul 37th, pertama membeli airboom saya gunakan untuk sepeda motor saya, dan hasilnya sangat luar biasa, motor lebih halus, tenaga yang terisi terus dari rpm bawah sampai atas, dan konsumsi bahan bakarpun berkurang.
Karena dari brosur yang saya dapat ternyata airboom juga bermanfaat buat kesehatan, maka saya membeli lagi yang saya gunakan sehari-hari dan juga saya tempel di dispenser air minum, hasilnya juga menggembirakan, masalah asam urat berangsur berkurang, dan saya rasakan saya lebih berenergi dan tidak mudah merasa lelah. (in08587)
Not sure if it was due to ageing or the bad weather, I had peristant cough for close to 2 months. Visited a few doctors but no medicine could cure my cough. A friend borrowed me his Airboom, I placed it near my lung everyday. Magically, it has totally cured my persistant cough in merely 3 days. I am thankful to my friend who recommended me this product that promotes natural healing. ~Loh Ah Seng,Pontian
3月1日,我朋友 sim poi chah 介绍我来了解 air Boom,然后我就听 Jodan 讲到 air Boom 的好处和所能做的治疗. ,当时我的牙齿在痛,我便一边听一边把 air Boom 放在我牙齿痛得那边脸上,过了大概20多分钟,我的牙齿疼痛缓解了许多,。还有,原来我的右手的手指弯曲很困难,用过air Boom 之后,手指现在可以做比较灵活的活动了。air Boom 真得好神奇!
Jacey Tiong, Sibu
My father was striked by stroke end of last year followed by heart attack 3 months after his stroke. He is able to lead normal life after some physio therapy classes and operation to unblock the clogged arteries. However, he has been sufferring from numbness pain on his left arm which doctor told him he has to bear with it for life as no medication could help. He suffers in silence till I bought him the Airboom. I must really compliment the wonder of Airboom! After using it for less than a month, he told me that his arm improved a lot. Besides healing the pain, he could now sleep well at night as Airboom helps circulate his blood flow. At an affordable price, it helps improve one's health. We were lucky to have known about this product….
Khor Boon Haw (Johor,Malaysia)
My sis has always doubted the power of Airboom. One day, she had very bad toothache and been complaining the whole evening. I pass her the Airboom and told her to place it on her face near the pain causing tooth. In less than 5 minutes, she put it back on the table and told me the pain is gone! She is so amazed by the power of Airboom. From then on she ought a piece for her own use and started telling friends about the wonder it has performed on her. I believe Airboom will surely make it to success ~~Helen Leong Siew Yong (Pasir Gudang)

My son had asthma since he was 2yrs old. We spent thousands of dollars sending him to the specialist but he still needs to rely on the nebuliser once the attack came. Once, when visiting a relative in Malaysia, we did not bring along the machine. After a day of play he began to cough very badly. This is when we started worried for we expect him to turn asthmatic after the long bad cough. In desperation, we decided to let him wear the airboom near his chest and to our surprise, it helps! He had stopped coughing by night time. Airboom made him so comfortable, he wanted to wear it all day long now. Thanks to Airboom! ../Ernest Leong (Singapore)
I purchased air-boom for trial for my son's weak lung development. He is 18 months now, born with under-developed lung. This has caused him to have difficulty in breathing since birth and he is very proned to having cough which also disturbed his sleeps frequently. He is always heard with phlegm in his body. With Air-Boom, I put it in his body when he sleeps every night, and to my amazement, it works! He sleeps soundly now without hearing any sound and without much disturbance during sleep. Air-Boom really makes him looks healthier and more active. Thank you!
From Jee Ching PANG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hi, I've back pain problem for many years and I'm depend on medication to solve my problem, the pain can make me get up midden of the night. Until this year on May 09 one of my uncle borrow me one piece of air-boom when I went visiting him at Sabah, I try it on my back and it really solve the pain, I purchase 2 piece of air-Boom 1 is to put at by back every night and 1 near to my heart. I've also purchase 2 piece of Ion NanoGuard 1 is use to charge my drinking water and 1 I use it on my hand-phone I don't feel the heat from my hand-phone anymore. I felt murch better now. Thanks to Air-boom.
Tony Leong
Hi, I'm from Singapore, I have an operation on 04 Mar 09 and after my operation I keep feeling the pain until one of my husband uncle who is from Sabah ask me to try air-boom when we went Sabah on May 09, it help, I don't feel the pain any more and I've purchase 2 Air-Boom. As I've sleeping problem also as I use to get up at night a few time, now every night I put one air-boom on my pillow and believe it or not after I have use air-boom I could sleep through the night without getting up at night any more. Thanks to Air-Boom! :)
Elaine Teo
Saya telah lama mengalami sakit di bahagian tumit kaki. Ketika hendak tidur di waktu malam saya letak 2 getah airboom pada dua tapak saya.Selepas beberapa malam memakai airboom pada tapak saya. Saya dapati sakit saya berkurangan dan kini telah sembuh. Saya akan terus menggunakan product ini dan akan memperkenalkan pada rakan rakan saya.Hj Rahaman H/P 013-60632. MTPDRM BAKRI MUAR
Saya telah beberapa kali terkena seliuh pinggang kesan dari itu saya selalu kena sakit pinggang ketika bangun pagi, pada bulan 12 tahun lepas rakan baik saya Mohan telah memperkenalkan product nano energy (airboom) pada saya. Pada mulanya saya tak berapa yakin dengan product tersebut sebab sebelum ini pun saya telah gunakan pelbagai product yang berkuasakan nano energy, makan ubat dan buat rawatan tradisional tapi tiada kesan. tapi selepas 4 hari saya pakai airboom pada pinggang dan tapak kaki saya, sakit saya tiba tiba hilang dan kini sudah 6 bulan saya tidak alami sakit pinggang ketika bangun pagi.Azmi Bin Abdullah. MY23999 Kuantan Pahang.019-9989955
Saya telah mengalami masalah buang air kecil tak lawas lebih dari 15 tahun.Rakan saya En Azmi telah memperkenalkan product airboom pada saya, beliau suruh saya letakan 2 keping getah airboom pada perut saya dan pada botol air mineral untuk diminum setiap hari. Selepas 2 hari menggunakan produk ini saya dapati pembuangan air kecil saya telah lawas dan tidak lagi seperti dulu. Saya berterima kasih pada En Azmi kerana memperkenalkan produk pada saya, sebelum ini saya telah mencuba pelbagai keadah rawatan dan perubatan tapi tidak juga sembuh.Alang. 014 8101202.Pancing Kuantan Pahang
有一天,我因为忙事情,延迟了吃晚饭的时间,差不多9点才吃。怎知一吃下去的时候,肚子就有些不舒服,像胃痛了。临睡前,胃痛得更厉害了,躺在床上完全不能入睡。突然想到了nano energy, 于是把它贴在肚子上。才几分钟,胃就舒服多了,慢慢能好好入睡了。Nano Energy 真的是好神奇哦!!!(Aron Kiu, Kuching)
第一次见到airboom这种东西,我不太相信它的功效,也担心受骗及浪费金钱。我朋友劝我把它放在身体试试。我就试用了airboom几个星期,人感到很精神,心情十分舒服,使我对airboom 感到十分有信心。感谢公司推出这么好的产品。(Mr.Lee, Sibu)
I belive in Energy water. I am using airboom charge my all drink everyday, even in coffee shop. Yesterday, I am visiting my niece, she had very bad shoulder pain last night. I gave her airboom to use just a night, she is ok now. (Viecent)
我是经过我的朋友ANNA WONG 介绍 nano guard 给我的。我为了应酬她而买了一粒,她见我接受了,就顺便向我介绍airboom的神奇。我当时不相信,就要她们叫上线来,我要彻底的了解。过了一天,突然间临时叫我去,上线David Chong来了,他把airboom的功效解释给我听。我听了,就怀疑:“有这样神奇了吗?”我是半信半疑的试用。首先,我试用在电脑上。因为我常常用完电脑后,眼睛特别累。而且也出现满天星斗的现象。往往要闭上眼睛休息一下,才会有好转。自从我用airboom放在电脑上,眼睛就不会累了,也没有满天星斗的现象。听上线说,它可以消除眼袋及黑眼圈,正好这两样我都有,所以我每晚都用2片贴在眼睛上。第二天起来,我感到眼睛很明亮。谢谢airboom。(文莱,安琪丽
我经过我的朋友介绍David Chong 给我。通过他把airboom引进来。我要谢谢airboom, 它让我老婆的毛病改善了许多。在用airboom之前,我老婆有高胆固醇困扰着她,常常感到肩膀僵硬。我叫她用1片贴在头上,哇!第二天她就没有这个现象了,而且感觉还很舒服。现在她一见到人就必须开口提airboom,她称它是神奇boom。谢谢airboom,我会继续把好东西介绍给每一个人。(文莱,陈文进)
我是来自文莱的王慧珠(ANNA Wong),在未认识airboom之前,我有一些毛病,例如我的手臂不能举起,已经有七、八年之久,困扰我许多不方便。比如,当我要穿内衣时,根本不能像正常人一般,必须要在胸口扣在钩扣,然后慢慢转到身后,再穿肩带。往往要花费我一段时间才能穿好。还有我有便秘的毛病,以及我的脚底时常有针刺的痛感,不能行走正常。我的上线程文进引进airboom,我用4片来放在我的手臂,腹部1片,2片放在脚底。然后一片放进水壶里,让它生成能量水。就这样过了4天以后,我可以见到反应了。我的一双手臂居然能举直起来,每天能顺顺利利清肚子。还有我的脚板也没有针刺疼痛感了。我在这里借着这个机会,谢谢David Chong,陈文进,把这个产品介绍给我。把我的病症改善了许多。我再次谢谢airboom, 万岁!
Nama saya Hjh Kamariah binti Hj Ahmad BR17005 dari Kuula Belait. Sebelum ini saya sangat risau dengan berat badan saya yang tidak turun. Bermacam-macam product yang teah saya gunakan untuk mengatasi berat badan saya bahkan sebaliknya berat badan saya semakin meninggkat dari hari kesehari. Sehinggalah suatu hari saya di perkenakan dengan product Air-Boom oleh upline saya. Tanpa putus asa saya mencobanya akhirnya alhamdulilah saya bersyukur kerana berat badan saya telah kurang melebihi 10kg dalam masa TIGA MINGGU SHAHA. Saya sangat-sangat gembira dengan perubahan ini membuatkan pada masa sekarang saya rasa pergerakan saya jauh lebin aktif dari sebelumnya. Terima kasih saya ucapakan kepada Dyg Supiah H.S kerana telah meperkenalkan product Air Boom kepada saya
Saya Hjh Zaimah Hj Abd Hamid (BR32416) dari Kuala Belait. Saya telah menggunakan Air-Boom selama dua minggu setelah di perkenalkan oleh upline saya. Sebelum ini saya telah mengalami sakit kepala (Migrain) yang agak menyakitkan sehinggakan susah untuk menjalankan tugas seharian dengan baik apabila sakit saya dating. Saya bersyukur setelah beberapa hari menggunakan Air-Boom saya merasa jauh lebih lega dari sebelumnya terima kasih kepada Air-Boom dan Dyg. Supiah Sapar kerana telah membantu mengurangkan beban saya.
Saya Haji Wahyudin bin Haji Ismail berasal dari Kuala Belait. Sebelum ini saya menghadapi masalah gout yang kritik sehingga susah bagi saya untuk mendirikan sembahyang dengan normal dan terpaksa duduk. Setelah mendengar mengenai Air-Boom saya membeli mencobanya dengan menempalkan kebahagian yang sakit dan meminum air rendamannya akhirnya alhamdulilah sakit saya reda dan saya dapat menjalankan pekerjan saya dengan mudah dan pergerakan saya menjadi ringan terima kasih kepada upline saya Dyg Supiah dan. Air-Boom…….YOU MAKE MY DAY……… (BR23309 )
Saya pernah mendengar mengenai Air-Boom tapi kurang penerangan mengenainya sehinggakan suatu hari saya berjumpa dengan upline saya pada masa ini dan dialah yang telah memperkenalkan Air-Boom pada saya dengan lengkap. Setelah mengetahui akan fungsi Air-Boom maka saya pun mencoba-coba untuk menggunakannya. Setelah menggunakannya saya sangat berpuas hati kerana masa dating bulan saya yang sebelum ini menyakitkan telah beransur pulih dan tidak menyakiti saya lagi. Terima Kasih Air-Boom dan upline saya atas sokonga yang telah diberikan. ( Nama: Rohani Haji Othman, BR11005)
Saya adalah salah seorang pesakit jantung. Beberapa minggu yang lalu saya telah diperkenalkan dengan produck ini oleh seorang kenalan saya.atas dasar ingin sembuh maka saya pun mengambil keputusan untuk mencoba produk ini..Alhamdulillh saya bersyukur kepada Allah S.W.T setelah beberapa hari menggunakan Air-Boom saya merasa jauh lebih segar dan bertenaga dari sebelumnya. Saya dapat menjalnkan tugas harian saya dengn mudah dan beban serangan jantung saya pun berkurangan berbanding sebelumnya. Saya sangant berterima kasih dengan Dyg. Supiah Hj Sapar kerana telah memperkenalkan saya dengan produk ini dan insyaAllah saya akan kongsikan pengalaman saya ini dengan teman yang lain agar sama-sama dapat merasa kehebatannya. ( HAJI NORROR GUMET HAJI NOOR, BR 32416)
Tiga minggu yang lalu saya telah terserempak dengan kenalan saya. Ketika itu sakit gout saya menjadi-jadi maka dia pun mengsyoukan saya untuk menggunakan pad yang berwarna kemerahan yang di panggil Air-Boom. Setelah beberapa ketika saya merasa ada keredaan pada sakit saya maka saya pun mengambil keputusan untuk membelinya. Alhamdulillah setelah beberapa kali menggunakannya gout saya semakin berkurangan dan sakit kepala saya pun hilang. Saya sangat-sangat berterima kasih kepada Dyg. Supiah kerana telah memperkenalkan jenama Air-Boom kepada saya. (Hj Jailani Abd. Ghani, BR29687)
Beberapa bulan yang lalu saya menghidap sakit pinggang selama 07 Bulan dan saya disyorkan menggunakan produk Air-Boom dan saya telah banyak merasa perubahan pulih. Terima kasih pada upline saya Dyg Supiah Hj Sapar kerana mensyoukan produk Air-Boom yang telah menolong saya. (Dyg Jamaliah Hj Supon)
02 bulan yang lalu waktu bermain bola sepak kaki saya telah pun terseliuh. Saya disyoukan menggunakan produk Air-Boom oleh upline saya setelah menggunakan beberapa hari saya dapati sakit nya telah pun berkurangan. Terima kasih pada produk Air-Boom dan pada Ibu Saudara saya yang mana telah mensyoukan produk tersebut. (Awg Md Nasrul Hanim Bin Abdullah Manap, BR16347)
I heard that the Airboom can perform miracles on the sick. So, i bought it for my brother who had high blood pressure to try. I told him to place it under the cup for 10mins before drinking water and place it near his chest or feet day and night. After using it for some time, his blood pressure dropped from 180 to 130. He had now slowly reducing the medicine he has been taking for his hypertension and managed to maintain it at 130, sometimes even without medication.
Thanks to Airboom! The Airboom research team have indeed contributed a lot to the mankind by promoting natural healing.
Best Regards,
Mdm Loh Soy Moy (Pontian, Malaysia
I started having some pigmentation after i gave birth to my 1st child. After having 2 kids the condition got worse. I heard of the energy of Airboom is good for our complexion, not knowing that it will help on my freckles. Besides drinking the water charged using Airboom, i also use the water to wash my face everyday. Within few weeks, besides having smooter & brighter complexion, i noticed the pigmentation had lightened a lot!!
Airboom saves me thousand of dollars going for laser treatment. I would recommend it to all the ladies out there who are troubled with dry skin or pigmentation problem. It hydrates and moisturises our face without having to spend a lot of time & effort. Cheers to the great invention!
Michelle Teo (Johor, Malaysia
我是在新加坡工厂担任操作员,每天需要站立工作将近12个小时,因此造成脊椎背部长期面对疼痛的折磨,尤其是晚上,更是幸苦,无法好好入眠两个星期前,四伯介绍我使用AirBoom,得知这片奈米科技产品有高能量、负离子及远红外线,我便买了一片试试看,睡觉或休息时,便把AirBoom放在背部。真的太不可思议了,大概在第三天,我开始发觉到背部已经不那么痛了! 如今我已经使用AirBoom两个星期,可以说是摆脱了背部疼痛的困扰,因此非常感谢Air-Boom公司,推出那么有效又超值的奈米产品。我现在可以说是日夜都把AirBoom带在身边,天天使用。 01/07/2009 Madam Liam / Masai
Greetings, I am a ‘silver’ member of Nano. I was introduced about Nano Air Boom Last week. I always face migraine problem. And I was use medication to solve my problem. But now I use Air boom to put on my head when I have migraine.And I drink the ‘CHARGE’ water with air boom.And I felt better . And now I don’t need to depend on medication to solve my problem. Thanks to nano! – Choo,ID No. :MY28458,Miri.
Well, I’ve been doing sales in the past one and half years. My company’s core business is trading of goods and products. I came to know a lot of product knowledge from this company as we deals with marine & industrial, wood engineering, and electrical automation products. One day, a close friend of mine introduce me this air-boom which aroused my curiosity regarding this product. One of the product I tested out was the air-boom which i placed at my air-con blower, and indeed after that, I started to feel much fresher every morning when I get up to work. I felt more energetic at work. Besides that, I tried placing it at my car air-con blower. It helps to kill the sweat smell from my car. For those who haven’t tried this product. Please do!! It really work wonders!!!
MY31770 Teng
Hi, Lately my daughter had fever while we were out for visiting. As we didn't carry any medication with us, the only way is to place the Airboom on her forehead while she lie down to sleep/rest. After an hour or two, her fever subsided and she could get up to play again. Luckily we had carry Airboom with us all day long. Besides helping to improve the blood circulation, it will come in handy when emergency happens.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Eric Tan Chee Ping (Johor, Malaysia
two weeks ago i borrow a piece of air boom to my best friend, i told her that this product was really amazing, besides i told her that my mum love to use it so much because since her knee always feel painful during the cold weather, after she put the air boom on her knee, she felt shocked and ask "baby where u get this thing? my knee painful no more!! what is this exactly?" My best friend laughed at me and said i like to "put bom" (mean like to tell a joke in mandarin), although im angry that she said that i "put bom", well im just borrow her for few days, who knew she call me immediatedly on the next day, she want to buy this product from me, i wonder and ask why your action changed so suddenly? She said actually she hard to sleep during the night, after she used it, she felt very energetic during the next day, and she on period at the same time, actually she miss her period for almost half year, that's why make her feel interest on this product.
Caroline CSN
砂劳越my09735 Hii S
Greetings Everyone! I am a new member of Air-boom. Last week I try air-boom on a baby girl in our family which was only 4 months plus. It has been two days, she vomited some milk, everytime after she finishes her milk. Thats because of her stomach is filled with too much air. This is actually a very normal problem, which a lot of babies are always facing.So, I try putting a pce of air boom on her stomach, before an hour time, she keeps on 'fart'.
Cheers Always! Dickson Ling, Miri, Sarawak.
我是韩先生,在吉隆坡经营汽车美容店。年纪的增加及过渡的工作使我的双膝的关节疼痛,困扰多年。一天我的老婆拿了一片airboom给我,吩咐我说哪里痛就放哪里,说什么有能量可以帮我减轻痛楚。真好笑,开始我不大相信airboom可以帮到我的健康,这样一片小小的东西更本是很难相信嘛。后来的一个礼拜天清早起床,在家里老毛病双膝再次疼痛。想到老婆给我的airboom。就拿来试试,哪里痛就放哪里。说也奇怪效果令我吃惊,十五分钟左右,我的双膝不痛了。一片小东西伟大的发现。现在我把他当成我的俯身付。问题解决了,人也精神开朗。感谢airboom . (Hong 吉隆坡).
我是JEN TAN,在丈夫吉隆坡的公司当书记。每天一大早起床,整理完家务马上要赶去丈夫的公司。每天忙点货,忙安排员工,忙算账,忙到精疲力尽,但没办法,自己的生意。每晚我都肩痛和手臂痛,全身酸痛。可能是太过忙碌。不久前,经朋友的提议买了一片airboom回家试试。我每天都有把airboom带在身上。说也奇怪。有了airboom后。我不再疲累。回到家也不再全身酸痛。朋友说那是纳米能量。我也把airboom介绍给我的亲朋戚友。感谢airboom,感谢我的那位朋友simon先生原来相信朋友,有时也会捡到宝。(Jen 吉隆坡).
20/06/09 口述:Madam Lee 記錄:Mr.Ku
我是來自美里的 francis ting, 某天闲着无事就做了个实验。首先盛2杯自来水,把1片air-boom 放进其中1杯,过了大概20分钟,滴几滴chlorine tester 在2个杯里。结果那杯没放air-boom 里的水渐渐变成青黄色,放了air-boom的水还是没有任何改变。第2个实验再盛2杯自来水1杯放air-boom1杯没放air-boom,20分钟后就拿给家里人试喝(事前不让人知道那杯放了air-boom),结果家人都说其中1杯有放air-boom特别清甜.
不信的话你也可以试试看 Francis Ting
Yes, good product, I used this product for the last 3 months, tidur pun senang dan nyenyak, dipakai pada air minuman jadi bertenaga. Saya pakai di gengam di tapak tangan kiri-kanan dan dibawa berjoging di padang bole talan berlari sampai 3 km umur saya dah 50 tahun skg macam-macam lagi excitments pakai airboom. Pakai pada mata pun boleh jadi perlahan lahan jadi tenang. Ada banyak lagi dah kami cuba pada air-boom sama kawan-kawan syok pakai air-boom, kami bawa selalu dibadan macam bawa kredit card, hari-hari dibawa dan siapa-siapa, sering kencing malam, simpan dalam seluar dalam dan pakai bawa tidur malam akan jadi segar dan kepala jadi baik. TQ pada air-boom.
Pada 6hb June 09 saya menghadiri majlis perkahwinan seorang rakan. Selepas makan, saya dan kawan-kawan berehat sambil berborak kosong. Seorang daripada kawan saya mengadu terlalu pening kepala. Saya telah memberikan air-boom kpd beliau utk diletakkan di dahinya. Selepas 10 minit, dia terkejut besar kerana pening kepalanya sudah hilang. Tanpa bersoal panjang, terus dia membayar RM pada saya dan berminat utk memperkenalkan pada rakan rakan.
(Radzi-Pekan, Pahang)
(Hong Yue Hwa)
Saya Cikgu Wan dari Bandar Sri Indah, Tawau, Sabah. Saya telah diperkenalkan produk AirBoom ini oleh En. Iman. Katanya produk ini baik untuk digunakan untuk kesihatan dan juga meningkatkan prestasi kereta dan boleh menjimatkan minyak. Saya terus membelinya untuk digunakan pada kereta Wira SE. Setelah hampir sebulan saya menggunakannya pada kereta saya memang didapati pretasi kereta saya meningkat, kuasa pecut yang mengkagumkan serta menjimatkan minyak. Selepas ini saya bercadang untuk membeli produk AirBoom ini untuk kegunaan kesihatan pula. Terima kasih kepada En. Iman kerana memperkenalkan produk ini kepada saya.
Wan Samsuhaimi Musa
Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.
Saya mengalami kecederaan dan sakit belakang dan pinggang selama 32 tahun, semejak saya mengalami kemalangan motosikal sebanyak 2 kali yang menyebabkan tangan patah,tulang belakang cedera teruk.semejak saya di perkenal kan product air-boom oleh En.Nordin dan En.Mohan. saya telah memakai air-boom kat pinggang dah 8 bulan. hasil dari pada tindakbalas air-boom, sakit saya dah ber tambah baik sehingga 98% dari dahulu.Terima kasih pada product air-boom, berbaloi dengan harga product cuma RM 180 dah dapat selesai masalah urat saraf saya hadapi selama 32 tahun.
Mr Kho Kuantan
Saya mengalami kecederaan dan sakit belakang dan pinggang selama 32 tahun, semejak saya mengalami kemalangan motosikal sebanyak 2 kali yang menyebabkan tangan patah,tulang belakang cedera teruk.semejak saya di perkenal kan product air-boom oleh En.Nordin dan En.Mohan. saya telah memakai air-boom kat pinggang dah 8 bulan. hasil dari pada tindakbalas air-boom, sakit saya dah ber tambah baik sehingga 98% dari dahulu.Terima kasih pada product air-boom, berbaloi dengan harga product cuma RM 180 dah dapat selesai masalah urat saraf saya hadapi selama 32 tahun
kho - ( MY20920
I was introduced to purchase an airboom and become a member on 30/3/09 under my upline Janet. My wife’s neck was not feeling well, when I had the airboom, so I ask her to place on the neck when she slept at night. The next day it became better and so she put on the pillow for 2 to 3 nights it stop the pain. She was very happy and will help me to introduce to her friends and relatives. Thanks very much.
Mr Yap Kui Choi
Saya puan fauziah telah memcuba mengguna alat kesihatan airboom pada bulan 3 dalam tahun 2009, saya telah diperkenalkan kepada airboom oleh miss ngiuk ,setelah saya memcubanya, saya dapat rasa perubahannya yang ketara, badan saya sehat serta kulit saya juga licin halus. Pada bulan april 2009, saya pergi ke Indonesia dan saya telah mempromosi airboom kepada kawan kawan saya di sana, dan saya dapat mereka semuanya berpendapat bahwa airboom sangat baik untuk kesihatan., pakcik saya yang mengalami gaut juga mula beransur baik. Saya rasa gembira dengan airboom.
Puan Fauziah
I was introduced by mdm n.c nge to buy 5 airboom and 1 nano guard. For the first 2 to 3 months, I don’t fell any special about these 2 products, but recently one day I felt that my stomach is not comfortable due to indigestion, so I try to put the airboom on my stomach. Slowly, the discomfort become less and less, I think it must be this airboom which helped me. The nanoguard seem to be quite useful too when paste on the handphone.
Thank you very much
Lawrence Yap
五月十七日那天,我妹妹来我家,带了一片airboom给我看,介绍airboom的好处。他说能帮到我儿子脚皮肤病,鼻子敏感问题。他叫我把水放在airboom上面,十分钟后拿来喝。用airboom的能量水洗脚、冲凉。另外再把airboom放在鼻子中间,每天这样重复做。一个星期后,我看到了疗效,很是开心。于是便买了下来。我很感谢我妹妹介绍airboom给我,节省了我的时间和金钱,及来去看医生的烦恼。(Tan Puay Cher, my26217)
我叫刘珊荣,今年65岁。每次天气热时,颈项右边会疼痛。自从Eileen来我工厂介绍我用了负离子产品airboom,让我贴在颈项上。过了两天,我感觉不痛了。所以我又买了多两片,让我老公也一起使用。(Mdm Law, my 14438)
我今年62岁,那天我牙肉痛已经有一个星期了。刚好我之前试用过这片负离子产品,大约十五分钟就不痛了。这样每三、四天又痛,我又用,也是十五分钟,就好了。我非常喜欢这片小东西。每天我都带在我的衣袋里,以防万一。(Mr. Soo, my02459)
本来我的脸粗粗的,我一直以来很希望我的脸能像小婴儿一样的滑,但一直都找不到好的东西来改变……自从我永乐airboom能量水,我的脸马上有所改善……真的比以前滑了许多。我想,再继续使用,一定会像小婴儿的脸一般滑滑的。(Ah moi, my10859
我经营一间饮食店,通过熟客认识了airboom。我把nanon guard 贴在水瓶每天饮用,把airboom放在裤带连续三天。奇怪的事情发生了,我下半身竟然出现一粒一粒的风膜,奇痒无比。去看医生也没有改善,后来才依照朋友说的,把airboom放在水里20多分钟后,才去冲凉。连续冲了几次后,我终于脱离了奇痒难忍的感觉,开心地去店里工作了。(Tan Lee Jun, my 26680)
我患有手掌心麻痹已经十多年了,每天早上都会感到疼痛与麻痹。这个问题给我的生活带了很多不便。自从我把airboom用手套绑在手腕,然后饮用大量的能量水,三天后,我的手竟然会有一点知觉了,手指也感觉松软,活力自如了。真是太感谢airboom发明人了,让我解决了多年的困扰。(Ms. Chong, my25318)
我妈妈的小腿筋痛,我拿airboom给她贴在患处。妈妈实在小腿靠近膝盖的部分,穿着护膝套,然后把airboom塞在里面,晚上睡觉时也不会那么痛了。经过一段时日后,她告诉我有放airboom的小腿没有那么痛了!现在她把airboom放在另一只小腿上。我相信再过一段日子,妈妈的双腿一定会康复的。谢谢airboom nano energy。(Soon/ Permas Jaya, my13531)
我本身有手脚麻痹,我老婆把airboom放在水桶里面,我也不懂水桶里面有什么,就去冲凉了。出来后的2个小时后,我发觉到我全身有气泡在跑,我开始感觉的很奇怪。过后,我继续去冲了几天,我觉得奇怪的事是,我的手脚不会麻痹了。我开始相信了,就把nano guard贴在水瓶,每天饮用能量水。我觉得身体好多了。所以,谢谢airboom的发明人,让我改善了多年的不适。(Mr. Yeo, my32030)
Saya MY25522 Mazelen dari Kuantan mengalami sakit sendi di lutut kiri sejak 9 bulan lalu memyebabkan sukar untuk bergerak bebas dan ketika sembahyang. Setelah meletakkann dua keping airboom pada lutut selama 5 hari, sakit itu telah pulih sepenuhnya pada hari ke sepuluh.Sejak itu, saya telah memperkenalkan pada saudara mara dan rakan2. Saya juga telah perolehi pendapatan agak lumayan hasil dari marketing plannya yg hebat, menarik, dan mudah utk difahami.Untuk maklumat lanjut, hubungi saya 016-374253
你好,我是来自马来西亚,沙捞越,美里的刘小姐。在无意之间的巧合里认识了 Air Boom, 我把它放在鞋底来穿。原本左边膝盖常有的微痛在应用第二天后就不痛了! 真是神奇! 非常感激Air Boom!
我是高原蔬菜批发商,工作日要处理二、三吨的蔬菜,一天工作完毕后,更是精疲力尽,常说不想“走”回家,只想“爬”回家。特别是两边小腿后侧,痛得不想站立,总要按摩推拿N个钟后,才觉得舒服些。不久前,经太太的提议,尝试使用“纳米能量”放在患处,效果令我吃惊。数分钟后,疼痛竟然消失。我不太相信,以为只是巧合,但日日使用后的效果,不得不承认这是它的功效。现在我每天都把“纳米能量”带在身上,它的作用真是太奇妙了。工作一整天竟然不觉得疲惫,晚上还可以看电视。我还很爱出海钓鱼。但以前每次回来后都要累上好几天。现在不同了,即使出海三天两夜,回来就像没事一半。因为我把“纳米能量”带在身上。教你们一个测试“纳米能量”可提升体力的秘诀:叫一个未使用“纳米能量”的人,提起或提不起的重物品,衡量物品的重量,然后将“纳米能量”搅在他手中,只要数秒,让他再提起那个重物,不但轻而易举,明显的,感觉上轻了很多。我做这个测试是因为想要了解为什么我工作一整天都不会感到疲惫的结论。(Ah Ming, 016-8707775, Sabah)
当我吃到太寒凉的食物时,都会觉得周身酸痛,刚好,有一晚,我要去吃晚餐,我的左脚又发作了——好酸痛。想到Airboom的功效会止痛,立即把它贴在我脚痛的地方。哇!好神奇!不到5分钟,感觉止痛了。(Alice Lee)
我侄儿的体质一直以来都很弱,吃到水凉的食物就会伤风咳嗽。有一天晚上,又开始咳嗽了,想起airboom有止咳的作用,就贴在他喉咙上。好感谢airboom,大约十分钟,见他能止咳入睡,第二天起来也见他没事了。(Alice Lee)
Saya mohd azmi dari Pekan, Pahang telah menghidapi penyakit ASMA sejak berusia 13 tahun dan sehingga sekarang penyakit yang saya hidapi ini masih belum berkurangan, adakalanya saya terpaksa ke hospital untuk mendapat rawatan.Pernah satu ketika pada tahun 2007 saya di masukkan ke unit CCU dalam keadaan koma selama tiga hari dua malam.sampai sekarang keadaan saya masih sama sehingga lah saya di perkenalkan oleh kawan saya Mat Khon dan Fauzi iaitu AIR-BOOM.Saya pun menggunakan AIR-BOOM tersebut dan dalam tempoh sebulan saya dapati keadaan saya bertambah baik.Saya sangat gembira kerana AIR-BOOM ini memang luar biasa.
(Mohd Azmi Bin Abdul Rashid) Pekan, Pahang
Selepas makan durian dalam jumlah yang banyak telah menyebabkan saya mengalami panas badan dan sehinggakan sukar untuk mengeluarkan suara apabila bercakap.
Dengan hanya meletakan AIRBOOM di bahagian dada dan juga merehatkan diri lebih kurang 3jam, saya dapati suara saya kembali seperti sedia kala dan panas badan saya juga berkurangan. Sungguh menajubkan ! Saya akan terus memanfaatkan penggunaan AIRBOOM dan memperkenalkannya kepada orang ramai.
Fr : Alex Voo, Sandakan.
Nama saya iman hiu,saya pernah mengalami keracunan makanan semasa makan di kedai,jadi mr.khoo, kawan saya memperkenalkan nano airboom kepada saya, mula-mula saya tidak percaya kerana ia cuma sekeping getah kepada saya, tapi saya ikut juga cakapnya,saya letak 1 keping nano airboom pada bahagain perut pada malam itu dan terus tidur,tengah malam saya merasa panas dan sakit dekat perut saya dan saya pun terbangun dan minum air ,keesokan harinya perut saya sudah selesa,thanks mr.khoo dan nano air boom.
Iman Hiu
I was introduced to buy 5 airboom from your company and become a member too. Before I also bought a energy bracelet for my son and so I believe that these airboom will have energy but was told that the energy is much much more than other brand. I had back pain, often tired and sleepy becos I used to look after 3 small children of my friends. After a short while when I used the airboom, I am very happy to feel so good, not so tired and sleepy. Thanks a lot..
Mdm Pau Mee King
Saya berumur 73, jantung saya pernah operation di AJM kuala Lumpur, selepasdalam 9 tahun operation saya masih mengalam sakit gatal di kulit saya. Waktu saya belum pakai Airboom saya mengalami badan saya letih dan tidak selera makan, jadi saya diperkenalkan mdm Nge, saya pun tyr dalam 2 minggu, saya merasa baik dan tidak letih dan makan pun ada selera, saya berterima kepada Airboom.
Koh Geok Eng.
A wisple of years back, I noticed a small growth at the side of my neck. I ignore it and over the year it have grown bigger. Numerous visit to doctors and various medication have not been helpful. Finally, I went to Guilin, China where the doctor recommended immediate surgery but was advised only a 50% chances of recovery. The doctor further cautioned me the worst scenario would have resulted me been paralyze. I was in a clilema and have since put off the surgery till today. The search for the cure continues. About 3 months ago, my upline Betty suggested airboom. At first, I was very skeptical. However, Betty emphasized that airboom would energized water into concentrated oxygenated water. That strike me because I remembered otto warburh, the nobel price winner, have mentioned tumour cells and even cancer would not survive in oxygen. So I decided to give a try. Every night I tried the airboom at my neck and drank planty of the energized water. GUESS WHAT??? The growth have regressed by almost 50%. It was miraculous. Everyone seem to notice the difference in me. I have confidence in the next couple of month, god willing, I will encounter a complete healing soon. Mamy thanks to Airboom.
Richard Ng
我本人是一位家庭主妇,育有一男一女,两个孩子都令我感到精疲力尽。原因是老大时常很容易发烧,伤风,发热气,老二则有皮肤敏感的问题。自从我经过妹妹认识了airboom与twister后,以上的烦恼减少了。老公也不再为了他们的诊费操心了。看到孩子们用了airboom能量水一段时间后,改善了他们的抵抗力与健康,我衷心的感谢公司。(Bee Swan, my10142)
我是一位家庭主妇。每天都要打扫两间房子,使我腰酸背痛。后来我姐姐介绍我用了airboom后,我觉得腰酸背痛都消失,我真心得很感谢airboom.。(Mei Kheam, my05316)
日记 07-05-2009
7:30AM 早上起床喉咙很多痰,难受极了……下午要看医生了
10:00AM 预约了下午12:30看医生
11:00AM Eileen 打电话来,提起生病一事,她说她会医……
11:45AM Eileen拿airboom来,放在杯子下面,10分钟后把水喝完,重复数遍
12:30PM 没去看医生,试试看吧!!
8:00PM 看电视时把aitboom放在喉咙,一边看节目……

7:30AM 不用看医生了……
我本人喜欢参与社团,因此都必须饮酒应酬,日子一久无形中也变成啤酒肚了,身上也时常出酒膜。通过妹妹认识了这片不起眼的rubber,却改变了我的健康。每当要应酬时我都会把airboom放在酒杯下垫着后大概是分钟才饮用。酒膜再也没有出现过,我也不会感到醉意与不舒服,隔天起身也能照常去上班。感谢公司让我能轻松的应酬,同时又能保健。(Hee Terk, my32256)
朋友向我介绍airboom时,我半信半疑的买下来试试看,心想:真得这么神奇?我的腰痛,晚上睡觉就放在腰背,用了两天没有感觉。第三天后感觉腰更痛了。但是到了第四天,我的腰尽然不痛了。因为我的胃也时常不舒服,就把airboom放在腹部,真的有见效啊!如今舒服多了,真的好开心,不用吃药了。我把一杯水放在airboom上面20分钟,真的很神奇,水竟然会有甘甜的味道,对喉咙痛也有帮助。当初朋友和我讲时,我真的有点不相信,现在我相信了。我对airboom更有信心,不再怕任何病痛了。Airboom真是一片神奇宝贝。谢谢!(Me Chien, Pontian, my31768
Saya mengenal product airboom daripada kawan saya bermama Eileen,setelah memahami kebaikan dan kegunaan airboom, saya beli untuk isteri saya yang ada penyakit kencing manis dan darah tinggi. Setelah meminium “energy water” dan memakai airboom padan badan selama 1 minggu, isteri saya sudah nampak kesan seperti beikut:- tidak rasa pengsan dan bleh bangun rehat (sebelumnya Cuma boleh baring dan rasa pening );- disebabkan penyakit yang sampingan, seperti darah tinggi isteri saya tidak ada selera untuk makan, sekarang dia rasa ada selera makan dan kbadannya bertambah sihat. Saya amat terima-kasih kepada syarikat airboom kerana bukan sahaja sudah jimat wang dan masa untuk hantar ke klinik hari-hari, tetapi juga menambanh semangat isteri saya untuk menghadapi atas penyakitnya. ( Ganesan A/I Muthu, my06517)
I was diagnosed Kidney failure last year and my doctor advised to go on dialysis. I went for second opinion with Chinese sinseh and was prescribed herds. I took the herbs for a month and it did improved my condition.
Last March 2009,I went for a conference in Kuala Lumpur and did not take the Chinese herbs for 10 days, I collapsed when I got back to KK and had to be admitted to ICU in Sabah Medical Centre. Dialysis was performed and I have to stay 1 week in ICU before being transferred to the normal ward. After I got discharged, I had to go to the hospital to do dialysis 3 times a week. Each time I finished the dialysis, I became very weak, most of the time I collapsed. Then a friend of mine name Mary Er introduced AIR BOOM to me. I bought from her 4 pieces of the air boom. I put each air boom under my stockings and wear them day and night. I also stick 1 air boom on the back of my waist near my kidneys. After one month of wearing them, I feel much better, more stronger and no more dizziness. I also stopped dialysis and went on osmosis in the stomach instead.
My friend seems to notice my improvement as I also look much healthier. Thanks to AIRBOOM.
Peter Luagon
我从事素食餐馆。自己亲自下厨。每个晚上回家都发热气,常常失眠,第二天起身,精神肯定不好,长期以来都是这样。那天David Chung介绍我用airboom试试看。刚开始,因为交情,我就勉强试了。没想到airboom真得很神奇。我可以一觉到天亮,晚上睡觉也没有打呼噜声了。我便秘问题已经十多年了,也是过了许多种方法,都无法解决。我也把airboom放在丹田,第二天,我的宿便全都出来了。太开心了。而且一星期下来,都非常顺畅了。真是不可思议!
Khoo Ng Wei, my00871
在我丈夫去世不久后我就换上风湿病。尤其是下雨天,疼痛的甚至不能安眠...在个狂风暴雨的晚上痛的我一整夜都没睡,朋友知道后便介绍个\"Air Boom\"的产品,她说这产品有神奇功效;在痛的无可救药情况下便买了一片尝试下。这产品真的有效!尝试途中就算雨天我还是能够有个舒服的晚上。摆脱了疼痛的烦恼...以目前的状况希望能创造凡事业,希望把“Air Boom”介绍[推销]给更多人;帮助更多人解除病痛!周秀襄-MY27156 K.L
Richard Yong
Chris / Masai
这是一个意外的惊喜与发现。基于每天用“AirBoom能量水”来冲凉兼洗脸,我最近意外发现以往每隔两三天就会长在脸上的带脓豆豆(粉刺)尽然获得改善,甚至很少再出现了!但然,正常的生活作息很重要,然而经常饮用“AirBoom能量水”及使用它来洗脸,确实对肌肤有所帮助。近期AirBoom推出Nano Twister,可以捆卷在热水器的花洒,的确方便许多,用户每天都可以直接使用“AirBoom能量水”。
Ku / Permas Jaya / 16.05.2009
我是来自砂拉越诗巫的何先生. 今天第一次正式接触AIBOOM这个产品. 边听讲解边试用, 神奇的事情就发生了. 由于昨天晚上睡觉时落枕, 一整天脖子疼痛, 头也不能向右转, 稍微动一动都会觉得疼痛. 膏药贴也贴了一整天, 一点好转/减轻 都没有. 直到晚上用了AIRBOOM, 直接放在颈部与肩膀之间疼痛处, 在短短的几分钟内, 马上就见到效果; 原本因为冷气强, 手脚冰冷, 顿时觉得全身热起来, 还稍微流点汗. 再过一阵子, 就觉得疼痛的地方轻松了很多, 头可以自由地转动. 效果真是惊人, 绝对物超所值!!!
Best Regards,
Wilson Ho
On 21st March 2009, I paid a visit to my nephew in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It was my first trip to Sabah which boost it’s world class ecotourism.
But my trip was marred by my long standing excessive PHLEM which have bothered me many years. Numerous visit to doctor have not yield desired results. This health problem havs denied me from taking seafood.
One night, while I was in my bedroom, my nephew come into my room and gives me a piece of AIRBOOM to be placed on top of my throat. I asked him what this is. He replied this AIRBOOM have miraculous healing power. What? A piece of rubber possessing healing power! I exclaimed.
Reluctantly, not to disappoint him, I did as directed. Guess what? On the first night, the excessive problem has reduced. I continued into the second night. The problem disappeared completely.
I was delighted this medical problem which have bothered me for the last 10yrs have been eradicated by AIRBOOM. Immediately I placed on order for 3 AIRBOOM for myself and others in need.
Thank you very much for this wonderful product. KEEP IT UP!!!
On 8 March 2009, upon the encouragement of my up-line madam Betty, I bought an AirBoom for my high-blood pressure. I have been on doctor prescription of 4mg conversely tableted-once a day. It has been over 5 years taking this medicine. However, my high-blood pressure readings have been howering around 160/100 which are considered as still high.
After about 2 months using AirBoom product and consuming the charged water, one day upon arising I decided to take my high-blood pressure reading, much to my surprise, the reading was 127/95. Phew, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Never before I have such a reading! I tested my BP again, this time the reading was 129/97.
Gradually, I will reduce my BP medicine. I never like the idea of consuming BP medicine over a long period of time for fear of side effect particularly on the kidney.
My hat off to such a wonderful product.
小时候家境贫寒,我是家中的长女,所有的家务事都落在我身上。九岁就得到藤厂拉藤钉扫把。一晃就是数十年。如今我是65岁的老妇人了。几经风雨,十几年前我这幅老骨头不管用了。每逢雨季或北风天时,我的肩膀和腰骨就开始酸痛。曾经看过无数的中医都不见的好转。自从认识airboom之后,我把它贴在患处,如今酸痛的情况已经大大减少了。在此我衷心的感谢airboom, 并希望airboom产品步步高升。
梅妈妈(my18327), JB
Siow M. C. (my 07697)
我是通过朋友Eileen介绍才知道airboom twister & nano guard 产品。由于了解负离子、高能量及远红外线的功效,我毫不犹豫的买了它。在短短的一天内,我感到了以下的改善:
1) 原本有便秘的问题得到了改善
2) 胃酸痛的症状减轻了
3) 在冷气房,皮肤不再干燥。
Ms. Lam (my 10783)
大家好,我的名字叫张桂莲。本人是从事卖花的事业,以前用普通的水浇花。自从我的好朋友纪美莲介绍我使用Airboom,并且告诉我Airboom的优点和好处。一开始我还有点怀疑它的功效,之后我就做了一个试验。我把一个用Airboom charge了的水浇花,然后另一盆就用普通的水浇花。之后,我就看到了效果。用Airboom charge过的水生长出来的花比用普通的水浇的花还来的茂盛和健康。这样的效果让我感到开心,让我对Airboom充满信心。感谢Airboom.
KK,Sabah 3月8号
我姓郑,名月云,感谢我的上线。我是一名家庭主妇,我的身体在八年前得了停经问题,据我所知一个正常认识到了50多岁的时候才会绝经,而我当时在30多而已,我也有去过医院做检查,而医生告诉我没有问题,有可能是遗传问题,过后我就没有去理它。直到上两个月初,我通过IRFAN介绍我们可爱的老板,拿了几片Airboom来,当时的我去应酬,买了几片。我真的不敢相信,一片Airboom就能改变我一生的命运,(他听话了,嘻嘻,有来了)在此我要感谢我们可爱的老板和我的上线MR Muhamad irfan bin Abdullah yeo.Airboom太棒了。
From 文莱 ,27/3/09
Saya telah mengalami kecederaan pergelangan tangan semasa bermain bola pada tahun 2006 iaitu hampir 3 tahun, Kecederaan tersebut saya tidak dapat melakukan kerja kerja berat. Untuk meredakan kesakiatan tersebut saya hanya mengunakan ubat ubuan saperti minyak panas. Perkenalan saya dengan NANO AIRBOOM telah mengubah nasib saya dan kecederaan yang saya alamittelah sembuh sepenuhnya dan sekarang saya telah dapat melakukan kerja kerja berat yang dulunya tidak dapat saya lakukan. Pada saya NANO AIRBOOM sungguh ajaib, benda getah plastic tetapi amat berkesan balam menyembuhkan berbagai penyakit. Terima kasih pada NANO AIRBOOM jasa mu tetap dikenang.
Hormat dari Roslan Haji Karim 46
Brunei Darussalam
As a diabetic and cholesterol regularly depend on medication since a long time my body suffer much especially foot and fingers pain and numb most energy need nutrient and food supplement to be fit mostly power as u know but too expensive since airboom I feel a different in a week time my mind and some part of my body slightly react and now make me move active and look healthy even still feel pain and numb for a while.
From Bruner, Masudi Ketua kampeng
Hi Airboom,
Saya telah menggunakan Airboom semasa saya tidur selama 3 hari berturut-turut. Saya cuma letakkan Airboom di atas bantal semasa tidur. Saya mendapati bahawa badan saya lebih segar & selesa setiap kali saya bangun tidur. Bahkan, saya tidak rasa letih biarpun saya tidur selewat jam 2am dan bangun seawal 8. Jika sebelum menggunakan Airboom, pasti saya perlukan tidur sebentar pada waktu senja. Saya juga menggunakan Nano Guard, jelas bahawa kalau bergayut lama pun tak terasa telinga saya panas atau sakit telinga. Saya akan syorkan kepada semua orang yang saya kenali dan juga tidak dikenali untuk kebaikan semua. Terima kasih Airboom & Nano Guard.
my00871 Khoo Ng Wei
大家好。很高兴能与大家分享使用AIR BOOM产品的经历。我今年55岁,在使用AIR BOOM产品之前我的手指因高胆固醇的原因一直困扰着我。每天早上起来的时候手指都不能灵活的活动。要自己按摩一段时间方可活动,去看过医生后医生说必须动手术,本已经与医生约好动手术的时间,就在手术前一周,我偶然遇到AIR BOOM产品,听完销售人员的介绍后,抱着试试看的态度,买了一片使用,这一片小小的产品并不象其它的保健产品需要服用体内,也不需要我们长期按摩。只需附在自己的身体上,不管在工作还是休息的时候都很方便。正是使用了这种既安全又方便的AIR BOOM的第二天我的手指竟然可以活动自如,再也不用象以前那样僵硬。慢慢我开始注意到这一片小小的AIR BOOM的其它的神奇的作用。因为人到中年,很多妇科疾病会隐约的显现在我们的身体。傍晚休息的时候我就把AIR BOOM放在自己的小腹上,几日后我的白带现象完全消失了。我真的是开始对这片小小的神奇的这片AIR BOOM产生了莫大的兴趣。我开始上网了解此产品的原料及治疗原理。当我懂得负离子可以大大改善人们的血液循环,而且可以防辐射,对孕妇也有很大的帮助,对高血脂高胆固醇等现象有显著的治疗效果后我开始确定这个产品的真的可以为我们带来健康。现在我已经使用了近两周的时间,发现自己的腰围每天都在变小,真的是很开心。感谢AIR BOOM为我及我的家人带来的健康。
Linda Brunei
Early this year, I was introduced by Betty to this Air Boom Product. Initially, I was skeptical. I rarely believe in direct-selling product. Too much claim but not much effect. After much persuasion, I decide to give it a try. I was given a 2 week free trail.

At first, I used it on my weight-training excercises. Normally, I would train bicep-curl using a 10 kg barbell for a minute. However, after wearing the air boom during the training, the training was extended to 2 minutes without much effort.

Similarly, during my sit-up exercises, I would perform a 21/2 minute non-stop instead of the normal 1 minute traning. Where does my extra energy come from.

As advise by Jordan Tie, I have also pasted onto the sole of my shoe. Guest what? I felt more energetic and I do not need my normal afternoon siesta.

What an amazing product! Girls are complaining. Your company should design for them to pin onto their shirts. They do not want to miss out this wonderful product.

David Lim , Penampang , Sabah

I am Jane and i was introduced to Airboom by my friend Carol, i have heard about nano tech before but it was hard for me to believe what it could do until i started to use one and also after the demostration done by Mr Jordan. I am very happy with Airboom because it has help to relax my stiff shoulder, back and leg aches. It also worked to get rid of the pain whiach i usually get before it starts to rain. I also like to drink the water which has been exposed to Airboom as it tastes smooth and pleasant to drink which i believe my body could easily absorb. Now we have pasted one at the water purifier, the computer has one too. As for talking with my handphone i feel at peace now knowing that the Airboom pasted on it to neutralises the radiation/positive ion that could harm my eardrum. Thank you
Jane 19-02-09
我是个退休的生意人,今年78岁,喜欢喝酒吃肉类海鲜。现在得了严重的尿酸症。当病症一发作,脚跟就浮肿几天到一个星期,有时走路得拿拐杖。晚上睡觉因为冻脚,所以 要穿上2件袜子才能入眠。自从平时和睡觉时放上两片Air-Boom后,现在走路轻松多了。只要不再过分的喝酒,尿酸症也没发作了。真得很感谢这个好产品。三天就能感觉出来,真快,真神气。
KY Soon
我是一名在五星级酒店餐厅工作的服务员, 多两年就可以退休了,由于年龄已高我目前已经不能像从前那样连续站立几个小时了。时常还会脚跟浮肿连站立都成问题而影响了工作。自从放了两片air-boom穿在鞋里后,就二天的时间,效果就出来了,现在双脚有力了,脚跟也很少浮肿了,工作也很轻松了。现在晚上睡觉也穿着睡。
KL Joan
Ion Airboom with 3m for Car
What a great product your team have!.... Thanks to AirBoom!
Last 2 weeks my friends had introduced me his new product that he bought. He had give me an AirBoom sample to tried on my car as i'm always drive to work. What had suprised me that my car seem got more POwer and eventhough my Fuel COnsumption had been decrease!. What a great product your have, will introduce to my friends. Thanks AirBoom!
Hairul, Malaysia
Hobby automotif sudah saya tekuni sejak masih di SMA. Mobil bokap dan motor jadi korban. Sudah biasa bongkar mobil sendiri. Sekarang ini "korban"nya Suzuki Karimun tahun 2001. Hampir semua modifikasi dilakukan sendiri. Sampai saat ini sudah dilakukan upgrade pengapian, saluran gas buang serta pasokan udara dengan mengaplikasikan open air filter. Tapi tetap saja kurang puas. Apalagi konsumsi bahan bakar jadi cenderung lebih boros. Akhirnya pilihan filter udara kembali ke standar dengan tambahan "Airboom Nano Energy". Hasilnya? Performa bisa sebanding dengan open air filter, dengan konsumsi bbm yang lebih irit. Tidak sangka, benda "karet" sekecil itu bisa berpengaruh besar untuk mesin kendaraan.
Regards, Franz Heru
Setelah mendengar banyak testimoni yang heboh dari teman teman, akhirnya saya terpancing untuk membeli juga.
Terus terang sebelumnya saya tidak percaya dengan testimoni yang saya dengarkan. Karena kebetulan sedang ada dana lebih, akhirnya saya beli juga. Karena saat mendapatkan sudah malam, akhirnya saya tunda pemasangan di keesokan harinya. Betul betul gak sabar, besok paginya setelah bangun tidur langsung saya pasang airboom nano energy di filter udara saya. kemudian setelah siap siap, langsung test kendaraan
Betul, efek yang saya rasakan sama dengan yang teman saya rasakan. Akselerasi meningkat, kendaraan seperti memiliki power berlebih. setelah memakai sekitar seminggu, terlihat pemakaian bahan bakar yang lebih efisien.
Mungkin hal ini disebabkan lebih baiknya pembakaran sehingga bahan bakar terbakar sempurna menjadi tenaga untuk menggerakkan mobil.
Terima kasih airboom... efisiensi meningkat, akselerasi juga meningkat. Saya puas sekali dengan performa yang didapatkan.
Next, saya akan coba produk lainnya. Tentunya setelah menabung dan gajian hehehe.... Dengan pemakaian airboom ini, pengeluaran saya menjadi lebih sedikit karena bahan bakar yang harus dibeli lebih berkurang. Akhirnya bisa beli produk nano lainnya
Sekali lagi, terima kasih airboom
Tandy Hermawan
Kemarin pesanan Airboom saya dikirim oleh Hung Tjoen, segera dipasang di air filter Toyota Inova 2005 untuk membuktikan bahwa airboom bekerja dengan baik, pertama-tama saya test kok belum terasa lewat 2-3 setopan lampu merah saya test lagi, ternyata wuuuuussss wuuuusss wuuus setelah rpm 3500, tarikan terasa enteng banget seperti naik mobil sedan……

Satunya saya pasang di kaki kiri saya yang kadang agak berat dan bangun tidur pergelangan kaki sakit, pagi ini bangun tidur masih sakit tapi kaki terasa lebih Ringan, semoga beberapa hari ke depan bangun tidur saya tidak disertai dengan sakit kaki lagi……

Viva Airboom………..
PT. Pionerr Trading
Saya mempunyai hobby untuk memaksimalkan kemampuan kendaraan saya Suzuki Karimun tahun 2000,
segala sesuatunya ingin saya maksimalkan sebagai contoh:
untuk pengapian; Speedspark 9R, koil Jacobs Ultra, kabel busi MSD, busi Bosch Ir Fusion.
untuk lubrikasi pake oli Castrol Magnatec SAE10w40.+ verylube turbo
untuk pasokan udara pake free flow air filter custom tapi masih belum puas.
saluran bahan bakar masih std.
hari ini pesanan Airboom Nano Energy (including charity program) tiba di kantor sehingga saya terima 2 buah nanoenergy, yang 1 saya rencana akan saya pasang di dalam filter mobil saya, dan satu lainnya saya berikan ke istri saya untuk kebutuhan kesehatan di rumah.

sore sebelum pulang kantor saya sempatkan memasang sendiri airboom tsb ke ruang filter udara, ternyata cukup mudah, lalu langsung start, 1-2 menit pertama saya tidak merasakan apa-apa karena macet, namun setelah 10 menit, dan jalan sudah mulai lancar pada Low RPM ada kenaikan yang tidak signifikan, tapi pada middle dan high RPM waduh gawat kok perubahannya terasa sekali, sungguh berbeda sangat sangat enteng, jadi seneng maini gas karena saking entengnya tarikan mobil saya, thanks to Nano Energy Airboom, maka sempurnalah pasokan udara di kendaraan saya...

Next Ion Twister sudah menjadi incaran, tunggu gajian bulan depan deh... agar saluran bahan bakar juga sempurnaaaaaaaa....

Hung Tjoen
I just found this product last week which introduce by my friends,he insist me to used it for 1 week.After 1 week later I realize my car fuel consumption reduce up to 50% and I also feel the power of the engine after installed by friends at my car engine.After see the effectiveness of the product,I,m very satisfied and searching in the web for it and lastly I,ve found the website.I found this product(Air-Boom) which have a lot of multipurpose usage which can be used in other than my car.I,m very interested and been proven by using it.May I have 1 of the sample for try run and I also interested on your other product which advertisement on your website.
Regards, Idi Saiful Adha bin Roslan.
WOW! That was the best word to describe this AirBoom. I am not really sure how it's work but it do really work. It is not just reducing the fuel consumption of my car, but it's also increase the performance of the car. My car manage to accelerate in a short duration and maintain the speed by just pushing the throttle for a little bit. Truly magnificent!"
from: Zairul Azreen Zainal
我是一位批发商人,每一天我都驾着一辆Toyota Van载满了货物到处跑。每当有Land Transport检查柴油车的乌烟,我都不敢经过。因为我的Van的乌烟出太厉害。有一天经过文贵德介绍,我就买了一条twister装上了我的车。很神奇,我的van 再没有出乌烟了。真的谢谢twister,很值得买。并且还能省油。(美里:温先生)
说是听到身边的朋友在夸赞airboom的功效和神奇。忍不住也买了一条nano twister装在我的Kancil's Fuel Pipe上。没有亲身体验真的
Saya Normah dari Kuantan telah meletakkan 2 keping airboom didalam air filter compartment Toyota unser.Hasilnya hampir 30% penggunaan petrol dapat dijimatkan.(Dulu 21 sen/km. Sekarang 14 sen/km. Harga petrol sama=$1.80 sen/liter). Ketika mendaki gear 4 sudah memadai dan di gear 5 pun boleh memotong dgn baik. Terimakasih airboom (MY03444-Normah)
On 1st May 2009, upon the recommendation of my upline mr Jordan Tie, I purchased a twister and nanoGuard to be installed in my car Wira Aero Back year 2007. Initially , I was rather skeptical as to how a piece of rubber would improve the performance of my car, however, I decided to give a try as my upline promised sanctification guaranteed or money back. The following day I instructed my mechanic to install the twister and nanoguard as specified. Guess what? Immediately a felt the improved performance, I was trilled , I noted the following; a) the engine have become more powerful, smooth and stable. B) much better acceleration especially for climbing and overtaking. C) acceleration improve much better d) fuel saving between 15% – 20%. Immediately, I recommended to my BOSS who at first purchase a twister and a nanoguard. After fixing, he was amazed and immediately purchased another for his wife car. I enjoyed driving my car now. Infact I have decided to postpone buying a new car. What an amazing product. Keep up the good product.
Marvin Tan
我常常驾车从斗湖到拿笃做生意,我的油钱来回都需要70元左右,我时常都享有什么方法让我节省开销,很幸运我的朋友MR Jordan介绍我一种新产品叫Twister能省油,我就不考虑的试用了,结果我在前天从斗湖到拿笃就只用了22.40的车油费,让我省下了大约15%的车油,非常感谢Airboom及公司,希望大家都使用这么好的产品。
Spencer Vro, Tawau, 25/3/ 2009
Nama saya Abdul Rahim bin Daros. Saya adalah Pegawai Alam Sekitar Wilayah Persekutuan. Semasa sedang menunggu untuk mula Operasi Periksa Pelepasan Asap Kenderaan saya telah mencuba test pelepasan gas CO dari exhaust pajero petrol guna meter CO Analyzer. Sebelum guna AirBoom pelepasan CO = 0.09%. Selepas pasang AirBoom di Air Box Filter, CO = 0.07%. Terbukti AirBoom juga dapat kurangkan pelepasan gas Carbon Monoksida yg merbahaya.
Unbelievable !!! ....
At first I thought what's the special about this rubber thing ?
But when I tried to install in my Car (Toyota Avanza with 1.300 engine capacity) then I did test it on Highway road, guess what ???
It's run on 150km/hour !!!! well I said there is something about this Ion AirBoom ...
Amazing, first installation testimonial was an improve in Acceleration and Throttle responds.
No doubt this product is Amazing !!!!
U should try it yourself if you don't believe it, No one can assure you if you don't try it yourself :)
Regards, Hidajat.
Dear all,
We have did the air flow test on Toyota Vios recently and proven that air flow has increased 10% from 2.25 gm/s to 2.48 gm/s. but our member feedback is better….(you must test airflow at rpm 2000 and 3000-5000, because when we do the dyno test (torque / torsion) on honda city and honda jazz, that level of rpm which is have maximum torsion or acceleration. So, on that level of rpm, it should be the max airflow too. It should be more than 10%)
Dear AirBoom Maker,

I plug the AirBoom to my lovely Toyota Kijang, 2001, EFI 1800cc. The result is amazing. First, I detect that the smoothness is improved, machine’s noise is reduced about 30%. Then I drive my car to the free way, once more surprise!!! Usually for the 3000 RPM, I got only 80 KpH, but after I plug the AirBoom, I can get 90 KpH for the 3000 RPM. I said wow!!!, it means the fuel consuming is more efficient. For the performance and acceleration should be better also, although I was not really notice about that. All I can say is Thank’s to the maker of this great product, I really recommend this little orange thing to you guys. So, don’t miss it!!!

Efhariandi Edi
Jakarta, Indonesia
USD 65.00 (AB001)