Clinical Trials

For a list of ongoing prostate cancer clinical trials in Australia, please visit:

Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group -

Australian Clinical Trials Online -

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry -

Cancer Trials Australia -

Clinical Trials -

Cancer Trials Sydney Western Area Health Service -

Cancer Institute NSW -

National Cancer Institute -

Cancer Council WA -

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New treatments for prostate cancer are continually being developed. The focus is particularly on new treatments for cancer that it is no longer responding to Androgen deprivation therapy.
Chapter 9 of the newly launched and readily available free of charge book, “Advanced Prostate Cancer, a guide for men and their families” contains detailed information about the specific steps a new treatment must go through in order to be given the green light to be tested in humans. At the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia we will do whatever possible to inform you about the new clinical trials that are available in an area near you. However, here are some recommended questions you may want to ask when considering a clinical trial (1):

• Which treatments are being tested and why?
• What are the benefits to me or to others?
• What extra tests apart from my normal treatment will I be involved in?
• What are the possible risks or side effects?
• How long will the trial last?
• Will I need to go to hospital for treatment?
• What will I do if any problem occurs while I am in the trial?
• Can the trial affect my options for future treatment?
• Can I withdraw from the trial if I change my mind?
• Can I be on more than one trial at a time?