Benefits of Negative Ion

Negative ion called as air vitamin
When people walk through or come in after the rain forest, the sea, beside the waterfall, there will be exhilarating feeling. Studies have shown that in these environments, the air with a high level of negative ions. Negative ions were eight high suction air. Can promote cell metabolism and enhance the vitality, regulating autonomic nervous system, the restoration of fatigue, increase appetite and so on, therefore, negative ions are "air vitamin", 'Su-life "and other name. The number of negative ions, is the measure of the importance of fresh air is one of the criteria .

Ion is the electronics and the air generated by the collision of molecules, and they all are in the form of ion or negative ion that is to say with the existence of a positive electrode is negatively charged ion is the negative ion electrode. Air molecules in high-pressure or under the strong rays generated by ionization of the free electronic access to most of the oxygen. It is therefore often referred to as aeroanion negative oxygen ions'. Ions in the air with the temperature of the transformation. Pressure and the temperature transform impermanence so that positive ions increase at this time, through breathing or through the skin will be soaked to reduce the body's negative ions. Life, carbon dioxide, factory emissions, waste dust and electromagnetic waves generated by electronic products are reasons for the increase in positive ions. Most of the negative ions are present in parks, forests, waterfalls and other places where clean, sunny day when the atmosphere strong negative voltage, the negative ions will increase. From the "International Journal of Medicine", published on the "negative ion content and the health of the relationship between the" we can understand that the negative ion content of the environment on health has important implication.

The role of Negative ions are:

Decrease the activity of cancer cells against natural killer function of NK cells and suppress cancer formation and variation;

inhibit the generation of serum cholesterol, blood purification, so that activated macrophages to prevent lipid deposition in the vessel wall;

inhibiting the generation of leukotriene colorless so that the body is not easy or inflammation caused by allergic symptoms;

inhibit the emergence of adrenaline, so that the expansion of peripheral blood vessels and improve blood circulation, to maintain the stability of blood pressure;

preventing the causes of atherosclerosis, or liver dysfunction ---- the primary factor in the selection of lipid peroxidation

so that activation of tissue cells, enhance immunity, for the maintenance of human health with great effect;

so that a strong cell metabolism and enhance its natural healing ability to prevent cell aging, the creation of the young physically and mentally;

so that in vivo accumulation of waste or toxic and cause nerve and muscle pain and other reasons the material was rapidly broken down ---- weak, in order to eliminate pain and fatigue;

and the positive ion and its reduction, to eliminate muscle tension, reduce stress, for insomnia with extraordinary results;

to restore the flexibility of blood vessels, and promote the smooth capillary microcirculation, improve冷感症acromegaly

so that cell activation, to improve the allergic constitution, strengthening the body resistance, cure atopic dermatitis;

and remove skin waste, and promote skin cell activation, for beauty with outstanding efficacy;

so that the organism becomes acid and alkaline, and promote collagen tissue formation, and decomposition, burning sugar, so have the startling effect of diabetes.

Added: The role of anion concentration and the control table:

Environment places the relationship between concentration and degree of human health, the environment places the relationship between concentration and degree of human health

10000-20000 Forest Falls recovered the body has a natural ability to enhance the wilderness 100-1000 suburbs human immunity, anti-bacterial power

5000-10000 seaside mountain sterilization to reduce the spread of the disease to improve the city park status, physical condition, 400-600

1000-5000 to strengthen the rural fields of human immunity, anti-bacterial ability to improve the streets of Green Belt status, physical condition, 200-400

Park 400-1000 enhance human immunity, antimicrobial Room 100 Town headache induced by physical barriers, such as insomnia

Office buildings 40-50 headache-induced insomnia and other physical obstacles to industrial development zone prone to various diseases -1000

Negative ions on human health functions.
Experts believe that: the needs of people every day 130 million negative ions, and our home office, entertainment, such as the environment can only provide about 100 million negative ions 2-20 are easily lead to pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases; and anion absorption of eight 30-minute after. Pulmonary oxygen uptake to increase more than 20 percent from 5 percent carbon dioxide anion 14 was confirmed as having the medical profession to kill bacteria and an effective means to clean up the air. Mainly due to its mechanism of anion binding with the bacteria, the bacteria have to make changes in the structure or energy transfer, leading to bacterial death, the final drop on the ground Shen. Anion and also positive ions in the air. With the air of dust, smoke, viruses, bacteria and other combination. Activation, to clean up the air, to sterilization, with the exception of tobacco, in addition to the role of dust.

Water electrolysis after access to the role of surfactants, reduce the water molecules. Smaller molecules of water, or filter to eliminate the impurity. Taste good, but also to improve penetration. Negative effect on human health is mainly reflected in the following areas:

(1) Smoke, dust, improve air structure: negative ions can be rapidly and the air of positive ions are smoke coke, "second-hand smoke ', fumes and particulates, reducing pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory morbidity.

(2) to improve heart and lung function: absorption of eight anions and oxygen uptake increased gas emissions, with a clear antihypertensive effect, allows the spirit of encouraging people to improve work efficiency.

(3) J metabolism: the body of a variety of negative ions can activate the enzyme, promote metabolism and improve sleep.

(4) to enhance the body resistance to disease: negative ions can improve the response of the body and enhance the body resistance to disease.

(5) aero anion of allergic hay fever, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract mucosa can go far to play the role of remission or cure.

(6) anion of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema, angina, dizziness, migraine, neurasthenia, ulcer disease, diabetes, anemia, burns, upper respiratory tract infection have a role in diseases such as

Ion is an electric particle
In the air, there are drifting particles or molecules which are invisible to the naked eye. For example, there are oxygen, carbon gas, nitrogen gas, and hydrogen each of which is in the state of a positive ion or a negative. That is, the ion which is plus-electric is called a positive ion and the ion which is minus-electric is called a negative.

It seems that the ion in the air changes according to weather conditions.

When a front of discontinuity, a cold front, and an atmospheric depression pass by, positive ions increase and it is absorbed together with electrical charges into the body through the respiratory organs and the skins, which makes negative ions to be decreased and positives ions to be increased. Exhaust gas, smoke of factories, cigarette smoke, or electronic waves generated by machinery, of modern society, are positive ions.

This picture taken using Kirurian camera by Tokyo Planning. of Japan, shows emitting the negative ion.

A black part seen at the center is Tourmaline Ceramic.

Why is the negative ion beneficial for the body?
The negative ion is abundant in the environments where the air is pure and healthful, such as highlands, forests, and waterfalls.

The humidity and temperature of the places are very pleasurable due to a good weather and the constant voltage becomes strong when the air is clean, which increases the negative ion.

When negative ions increase, alpha waves are activated in a brain to relieve the tension and it can prevent migraine.

The negative ion is also effective in restraining the Selrotonin which causes a respiratory disease.
We can summarize the effects of the negative ion as below.

Purifying the blood
With minerals in the blood ionized, the blood is alkalified to purify the blood.

Vitalizing the cells
When negative ions increase in the blood, the interchanges of matters of cell membranes proceed smoothly to vitalize the cells.

Increasing resisting force
Globurine, an immune component in blood serums increases, which also increases a resisting force.

This accounts for that many chronicle patients have often been cured by recuperating at a highland, at a seaside, or at a pastoral area.

However, increased positive ions means that the air was polluted. We can easily find out the situations around us. The electronic-waves of electric appliances, food additives, exhaust gases emitted from cars, cigarette smoke, various chemicals used in the construction, and polluted streams generate lots of positive ions.

In fact, it is almost impossible that the base of our livelihood escape from the polluted environments. Therefore, it is very important that we should drink negative-ionized water and fill up the negative ion into the body by bathing and showering during our daily life.

These have effects on relieving pains, sleeping well, increasing appetite, lowering blood pressure, refreshing, and preventing fatigue, by stabilizing the body.

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