Management Team

YH Dato’ Dr.Darren Goh
Group Managing Director

The Group Managing Director of Malaysia K-Link International Sdn. Bhd., Excellence in Bachelor study of University of Malaya, honored with Doctorate of the International Marketing Management from Inter American University, USA. In the early 1990s, YH Dato’ Dr. Darren Goh was the General Manager of an e-commerce company under the Malaysia well-known listed company – The Lion Group.

In year 2001, he founded K-link International Sdn. Bhd, holding the post Chairman cum General Manager, achieved annual turnover of more than 700 million since his management over the past 6 years, having distributors around the world on four continents and 52 countries and regions as the brilliant achievements.

YH Dato’ Dr. Darren always has been blending loving and caring culture into all aspects of business management, throughout his leadership. K-link International Sdn Bhd that lead by YH Dato’ Dr. Darren, has been fully recognized by the industry, society and government, and awarded: as the most outstanding operating company by the Malaysian Global Business Magazine in 2004; as the best performing company by the e-commerce Association of German in 2004; as the first Malaysian e-commerce company recognized by the Government of Canada;
as one of the annual new entrepreneurs in the Enterprise Awards 2005; as the best e-commerce company in the Enterprise Awards 2005; in the Fourth Asia Pacific Malaysian Integrity Corporate 2005; as the most outstanding global networking company by the Malaysian Global Business Magazine in 2005; as an international brand in Consumers Expo 2004 and Excellent Model Brand Platinum Award 2005, as one of the Asia Pacific 10 best models of Innovative Marketing Enterprise Award 2006; YH Dato’ Dr. Darren himself was also named as the Man of the Asia Pacific e-commerce industry 2006; even been honored as the Cultural Ambassador by the World Harmony Association; K-link International Sdn Bhd was exempted for 5 years from licensing in e-business by the Ministry of Internal Trade.


Mr.Jimmy Chong

Executive Director,

Mr. Jimmy Chong started MLM 17 years ago by following Group Managing Director of K-Link International Dato’ Dr, Darren Goh. Up to date, he has visited more than 40 over countries, with exceeding 600,000 members in his network covering more than 25 countries.

Mr. Jimmy Chong is the co-founder of K-System, which was awarded 8th Golden Reputation: Asia Pacific Outstanding Systems . He is also a member of International K-System Committee for the past 10 years which has produced many successful top leaders, as corresponded to the motto of K-System, “From Zero To Hero” .

In 2007, Mr. Jimmy Chong was inspired and confident to start up Africa market. For the past 5 years, quality proven K-Link products have helped many Africans and thousands of testimonies are coming from 10 countries of Africa region.

Together with his committed management team, Mr. Jimmy Chong strongly believes that with the formation of K-Link2UAfrica , it shall brings “Better Health and Better Wealth” to all members in the region of Africa !


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