About Gekko Jinsei And Product Information  

Gekko Jinsei operation technology was the design of Masao Terakura who has been in the air purifying industry for 17 years and has been involved in ionic base air purifying design development for 6 years.

Gekko Jinsei incorporate Masao’s technology of e-ion that enable a greater volume and much steadier stream release of negative ion (anions). At the same time, the size of the product has been reduced for convenient and easy positioned in the automobile.

Gekko Division at DNAS Technologies collaborates with Masao to bring forth the technology for homes in Japan to automotive level with the development of Gekko Jinsei. The product shall be commercialized in Asia Pacific and Japan market in 2012


Jinsei means Life in Japanese and Gekko Jinsei enhance your automotive experience with clean and refreshing air.

The level of pollutants in automobile would be 5-8 times worse than that outside and more so in cities. The common contaminants are toxic cigarette smoke, toxic exhaust fumes, bacteria, mould and other fine particulate trapped in the automobile. Prolong exposure to such contaminations would have negative impact on ones health.

Gekko Jinsei maximize the Japanese E-ion breakthrough technology and produces steady stream of high concentrated negative ions to decompose the variety of odours, neutralize smoke, dust, mould, bacteria and combats hazardous benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other harmful substance to refreshes the air circulating in the automobile.

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