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为了配合 WHO Vision 2020 护眼活动,我们也参与了共同努力防止和避免80%不必要的失明行动。我们是透过科技创造了功能型眼镜框捐赠给青光眼患者。希望藉此DIY方式能在最短时间内帮助到最多的患者防止和避免失明。

Further to WHO Vision 2020 Eye-care programme, we are delighted to participate in this noble project - to help reduce 80% of preventable Blindness.

Through the advance of science, we have developed this ION Spec technology spectacle frame, we will be donating this ION Spec Frame to Glaucoma patients.

It is our hope that through this DIY approach, it would help as many Glaucoma patients as possible in the shortest time frame.



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