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These are our frequently asked questions.

What is online advisor?
Online advisor is a person who give advise through online, including email and IM.

Is online advise can be considered as online counselling?
Online counselling are running by professional counsellors and experts such as psychologist or psyciatrist. Online advise are running by individual (known as advisor) who act as listerner, evaluator, analysist and advisor to every of your problems, issues or crisis.

Does online advise limited to personal issues or mental issue?
No. Online advise offered by Ladyroses.Com covers all the areas including business issues, personal issues, family issues, friendships, love issues, careers and life, motivation, inspiration.

Who need online advisor?
Everyone who need a trusted person to listen, analyst and evaluate the issues, problems or crisis.

Why I need online advisor?
Most people need some form of help at different points in their lives. Face to face counseling is the traditional method of getting assistance and it takes time. On top of that online advisor is  cheaper than online counselling.

What is email or IM advise and how do you guarantee it?
Email and IM advise offer fastest service and at your convenience compare to traditional counselling. Face to face counselling keeps record for each session to review and use again later whereas online advise does not keep record after 45 days.

How does online advise work and how do I begin?
You'll start by choosing your advise package and filling out the form attached. I send you some response (may include questions) right away, usually within a few hours. You send back your answers and then get a response or conclusion. For Basic 1 Package, the limitation you have is not allowing you to response to my reply.

Do I need to write in formal language?
No. However, you need to write your situation clearly so I can understand it. It is important because my response to you are based on your written situation. I may easily give you wrong advises if you doesn't represent your situation or issues clearly.

Do I have to write in English?
Your other options is to write in Bahasa Malaysia.

How long is a session? Can my problems be solved in one session?
It really depends on the situation and how open you are to changing your beliefs. Some people find that one longer session is all they need. I suggest you try one and then if you wish to continue, you make that choice. Just talking openly about your issue without feeling judged makes a big difference. I give you a safe space to do just that.

This can be a one time online advise, daily, a week or a month email exchange, or for a longer period of time, whatever you prefer. Ladyroses.Com does ask that if you decide to discontinue the service.

The length of the my response depends on the package or situation you have, which can be long or short. Unless for IM package, the session would be only for 45 minutes. The response time is based on the time it takes to read what you write plus the time it takes write back to you. 

Do I need to have webcam or headset for IM package?
No. IM package only offer online chatting.

What kind of issues do you deal with?
Everything, whether you need relationship help, coaching, business or personal advice, motivation, inspiration orguidance, . The session is always tailored to your individual needs or to the needs of two individuals in a relationship. It all depends on the issues you bring to the table and what you would like to achieve.

If you are not sure, please email me with your questions about whether or not your situation is one that is appropriate for online advise.

Do I have to be Malaysian citizen in order to seek advise?
You can be any citizen. The only limitation I have is understand your culture and law. If my advises does not meet your culture or law requirement, kindly highlighted to me. If you are not Malaysian, advisible to choose Basic 2 Package and above. Basic 1 will give limitation in understanding the situation.

When is online advise is a good choice?
Online advise is ideal for people who are comfortable with putting their thoughts and feelings in writing; for people who want anonymity, privacy, convenience and easy access, flexibility, to save time, get fast responses, and effective results. Many people find that writing answers to the questions and doing the exercises to be revealing and thought provoking.

It is a good choice for people who have difficulty getting to a counselor, are isolated, have a busy schedule, who are uncomfortable or anxious about face to face counselling, have physical limitations, prefer the privacy, or just prefer e-mail as a convenient and relaxed mode of communication.

Because you receive written responses, you can refer back to the advice repeatedly, saving you money in the long run.

When is online advise is not a good choice?
While there are many benefits of online advise, it is not appropriate for everyone and cannot replace existing therapy or medical treatments. It does not allow for interpretation of voice tone, body language, and other forms of non-verbal communication that are a part of traditional therapy. There may be technical difficulties, which may delay responses. Do not use email or internet counseling:

What do you not offer?
I do not offer medical treatments. Those who believes they need medical treatment need to seek medical help. You can only seek advise for 2nd opinion, however the advise given will not give any specific medical terms of treatment.

If I notice you need medical treatment or expert help, i will advise you to do so. These are below cases which I may refer you to expert help.

1) For cases such as suicidal, homicidal or like you want to hurt someone else, IMMEDIATELY call your emergency numbers (999 for Malaysia) or go to nearest emergency room.
2) If you have any psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, delusions, thought disorganization).
3) If you need intense support, phone contact, hospitalization.
4) If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol or if you have a psychiatric illness.

If you have used my services and I am unable to help you for any reason, I will refund your money and assist you in finding someone in your area to help you.

How is the communication in internet counseling confidential and private?
When you submit your question it's electronically sent to a secured area, from where it's immediately retrieved. After you end your session, your account is held for 45 days, in case you choose to have another online advise, before being closed and all information is removed from the computer system. No information is stored after that time other than your email address. A request can be made at any time to fully remove the account.

The only information you need to provide is your name or pseudonym, email address and your situation. Within the limitations of security inherent in e-mail communication, internet counseling is just as confidential as "regular" counseling. For full details, please see the Privacy Policy.

How do I pay and what will this session cost me?
You can make your payment by using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, PayPal or bank account. Using PayPal is free and signing up for an account is optional. PayPal accepts payment in other currencies.

Ladyroses.Com does not have access to your financial information. I only get notification of your payment and this also serves as verification of your identity to prevent fraudulent use of your card or account.

Fees range from RM15 to RM 400 for a month of unlimited advises. These fees are described in detail on the Home page. You can choose the service that best suits your individual needs.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

I do offer money-back guarantee on first session if:

1) I unable to provide you the advises.
2) I unable to reply you within 24 hours (Full details in User Agreement)

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