I put the nano AirBoom in my 03 chevy impala LS. With the duals and the filter, that sucker ran more like a V8 than the 3.8L V6 it was. I now have an 07 MONTE CARLO SS and cant wait to do the same. And oh yeah, I put one in my 84 monte carlo too! I've been onboard since 06! CHEERS!

Vincent Mount
Cherry Hill, NJ

I'm not big on feedback, but I have to tell you, I've had two Chevy's with drop in filters, due to no more paper replacements and just better airflow. Now I own a 02 Silverado 2500, 6.0L with some aftermarket goodies stuffed under the hood and of course a nano AirBoom, but the Gen2 cold air (intake). Believe me, there's just so much better performance, noticed power gain, better fuel MPG and when you lay into the throttle the sound is music to the ears. Thanks for a great product (keep improving the products, I'm loyal like that!)

Denial Lee
Charlestown, RI.

I have an 08 F150 and I previously only had the nano AirBoom in air filter. Since gas is so high right now, and I'm driving to Texas in a week, I decided to go with the cold air intake. I have to say I didn't expect much gain from this, since I was already using the nano AirBoom in air filter. When I installed it I was amazed at the results I got and the difference it made. The throttle response has improved by a lot. I get about 2 more mpg's. By far I would recommend this product to anyone.

Gilbert Beca
Novi, Michigan

AUDIBOOST at cardomain under audi S4 nano AirBoom is the only I let my AUDI S4 (stage 3) breathe.
CAR INFO ... 2001 AUDI S4 STAG 3, 475HP AT 23 PSI

Anne T.
North Providence, RI

I am on the highway about 8 hours a week, back and forth to school. I installed the nano AirBoom on my '04 silverado (4.8L, 5 speed, two wheel drive), and gained a very obvious 1 1/2 mpg. The horse power increase was also felt. I was very impressed.

Natalie Zidema
Grand Rapids MI

I originally installed a nano AirBoom replacement in filter in my '97 3.8L Camaro for improved performance, which it did accomplish, however I also saw near 2MPG increase. Before I could count on getting 370 miles per tank on all highway driving, at legal speeds, using cruise control. I can now get 400 miles per tank for the same driving conditions. I am getting right at 29 MPG highway. Gotta love it.

Closs Janes
Westville, IN

Hi People,
I now have a 1974 Daimler/Jaguar fitted with a ZZ4 S.B.Chevy 350. Like it's predecessors the motor lives and breathes Valvoline and nano AirBoom in Filters which give their all to the long life and economy of my motors. When my last motor was given a new inlet manifold gasket at 170,000 there was NO sign of sludge at all. I am staying with the best products FULL TIME..NoelinOz.

Newton F
Sydney Australia

I just got my nano AirBoom for my 1976 chevy el camino today and i just put it in and warmed the car up and wow, when I rev it the 305 sounds like a 350. Can't wait to take it out later to see how it drives.

Tom Jones
Lancaster Ca
My wife bought a 2002 Mazda Protege5 new . It has had a noticable pause in power between shifts ever since new , now has 27000 mi. Took back to dealer three times for this with no improvement. Their explanation was the computer did this to soften shifts (130 HP. Ha-Ha). Our son recommended the nano AirBoom, he has one in a 07 Maxima. I put one in the Mazda and immediately noticed the hesitation was completely gone plus the acceleration is greatly improved, she now gets about 415 mi. to a tank, before she was averaging 380. Did not tell my wife what I had done so I could see if she noticed, she did. The first time she used her car she called me excited and said her car had stopped stumbling, then I told her what I did. Thanks nano AirBoom.

Danny Coth
Hermitage, Tn.
This is the 4th vehicle I have installed the nano AirBoom on (2004 Suburban). Even mom going to the grocery store can impress the fans when she steps on the gas. And believe me, she ain't shy about it.

Mann Dans
Rockland, Ma.
I recently bought a nano AirBoom for my '95 SAAB 9000cs. And I was instantly impressed! I had to do a few small intake adjustments to get the huge thing to fit. but, I never had a warranty on the car anyway. I have around a 20bhp difference! It's outstanding! You can really tell it's a turbo now! And my Blow off valve blasts louder than any I've ever heard!
Thanks for making such an outstanding product!

Wentzville, Missouri
I love this nano AirBoom product. I gained horsepower, but most of all gained gas mileage. You have a true believer here and I strongly recommend it to everyone I know. I drive a 2005 Nissan Titan. It was already kind of an animal but now whew. Keep up the good work guys.

Ito Senzami
Long Island
I recently purchased the nano AirBoom for my 05 F150 and I will admit, I was skeptical, but after a 900 mile road trip the next day, I clocked my mileage and it really does everything you hear about or read about. I get about 160 miles more on a full tank of gas on the highway which means a lot these days with a 30 gallon tank. Installation took about 45 minutes with minimal tools, I recommend one of these to anyone that wants to save money at the gas station.

Lancer Jone
I recently put a nano AirBoom in my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and I am completely satisfied with this product. The intake gave me a power gain that was very noticable, and also a nice noise under the hood (really good supercharger whine!!!) I completely support this product, it is the only way to go.

Jeffrey Loco
Stony Brook, New York
This nano AirBoom is the best addition I've made to my truck. I have a '97 F-150 4.6L that I just installed a 57 series air intake kit on. Not only does it sound great, and improve throttle response, it improved my highway MPG from 17 to 22! Power when you need it, fuel economy when you don't.

Adrew Hilton
Middleton, Wisconsin
I bought a nano AirBoom today for my Hyundai Santro. Instantly I could feel the difference in the pickup at lower rpms. I guess nano AirBoom Delivers what they promise. I will also buy a nano AirBoom for my bikes now, Ind-Suzuki & Suzuki Fiero.

Thanks nano AirBoom and hope you continue the good work.

Thanks & Regards

Rajiv Kulrni
Bangalore, India
I own a Honda Cr-v and it was stock, lacking that extra power that an 18 year old young man like myself wants in his ride. Baseline for my SUV, considering it only has a 2.0 litre 4 cyl. was probably about 120hp. After I dropped in a AirBoon in filter I saw a decent gain in power, acceleration and smoothness. That was all fine and dandy but when I took it one step higher and put in a new metal intake system and toped it off with a AirBoom in filter I saw a power increase of nearly 20hp. a LARGE increase in acceleration, and not to mention my little 4X4 Honda 4 cyl. sounds like a Z71 chevy V8. I cleaned the throttle body out, and that completes my intake modification. I would recommend nano AirBoom to anybody who cares about their ride. Thank you nano AirBoom, you rock.

Christian McFarl
Murrells Inlet/ Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
I have a 1990 Cadillac Seville 4.5L (273 cu.in.) V-8. I was getting 16/17 m.p.g.in town. Now with the nano AirBoom I am getting 21/22 m.p.g. in town and city. And I am getting over 30 m.p.g.on the freeway. I also can feel much more power when I need to pass. I am now planning to get a nano AirBoom for my 1988 Mustang GT convertible. I am sure to get much better gas milage. Also more passing power. The nano AirBoom has got to be the best of all time. Like you at nano AirBoom say it is the world's best product.

Harry Rooney
Just installed a nano AirBoom in my 2009 2.4L Pontiac Vibe GT and immediately saw a greatly improved take off in first and second gear. Car could barely pull itself out of first gear without revving the motor, now it will pull out of second with only a slight push of the gas pedal.

Davis Angelina
These nano AirBoom kick butt. I put in our Mazda MPV (a van) and it actually has the Zoom-Zoom that silly Mazda tagline promoted! Nice boost of HP!

Since that one did so well, I decided to put one in my Acura RL. The car already had power, but it seemed to lack the smooth acceleration from low-end to high-end I expected when it got broken in. I installed the nano AirBoom in, and it now has the smooth power I had expected. Not a big HP jump, but the smoothness is much improved.

Car manufacturers should use them!

Mike Gill
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I'm more and more impressed with the nano AirBoom every day and I absolutely love it. Being a member of the military I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and my truck, a 1997 Chevy Tahoe 4dr 5.7L, goes with me wherever I go. My passion is off roading and generally driving anywhere there isn't an ounce of pavement and my nano AirBoom has never missed a beat in performance or reliability and has payed for itself within months. Thanks for a great product and I look forward to more developments.

Thomas Faceh
Oahu, Hawaii
This thing rocks! I have been a nano AirBoom customer for 2 years now, using them in every car I own. I have since upgraded to a 2001 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro and purchased one for it. A considerable difference in performance and fuel comsumption. And they are so easy to clean for reuse, it pays for itself in months. Awesome!

Stanley AS
Chicago, Illinois
The filter in the car (when I bought it) was brand new. I felt that the engine was a little slow on response when I pressed on the gas pedal, even when it was already revving. I thought that this was normal as I hadn't had the car for very long. With the nano AirBoom and without a doubt, the engine revs up much more freely. It's amazing how getting more air into the engine literally breathes new life into it! An of course, there is that little improvement in the sound of the engine as well.Thanks to nano AirBoom for saving the life of my carrrrrrrrrrr

Again, I'm not sure (yet) about any mileage increase, but will write back and repost after a few tanks have been used. So far, very impressed! The Zoom-Zoom is back!
I will do more advertisment on your product.

Lee Adew
Chicago, Nigeria
We just bought a 2008 Jeep Commander with the V6 engine. We knew the mpg would not be good but needed a larger vehicle for our growing family. The Jeep was getting 12-14 city and 17-19 hwy. After installing the nano AirBoom were getting around 14-15 city & 22-25 hwy. It works!

We have an '82 Chevy Cavalier 4WD with an 1800cc, pushrod, 4 cylinder, 4 speed stick, totally stock with a duel jet 2 barrel carburetor. It has no computers, it weighs 2000 lbs. This is the most remarkable car that I have ever owned. It had a stock air filter in it & I averaged 45-48 mpg, but June 30th, I put in your nano AirBoom in air filter & on a trip I got 51-53 mpg. From here, Logan, New Mexico is nearly 300 miles; it took 5.585 gallons to go the distance that is 51.282051 mpg. I'd say that your nano AirBoom is not only great on performance but also on economy, perhaps you can share this with your people as another way to save $ at the pump.<BR.
Best Wishes,

Will Harrett
Alamogordo, N