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Bamboo & Wooden Products - 2.5-inch Frills Toothpicks


2.5-inch Frills Toothpicks

● Assorted Colours
● Disposable for easy clean up
● Frilled picks dress up sandwiches, appetizers, and cocktails
● Great for parties and celebrations
● Suitable for hotel, cafe, cruise ship. train and airlines

Product Description2.5-inch Frills Toothpicks
Product CodeNB-2.5inc-TPB - Blue

NB-2.5inc-TPY - Yellow

NB-2.5inc-TPR - Red

NB-2.5inc-TPG - Green
Toothpick SizeLength 2.5 inch
ColourToothpick - Light Brown

Frills - Blue, Yellow, Red, Green
Minimum Order  1 carton


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